problem with wireless tab for ms wireless laser mouse 5000

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by blastmsco, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. blastmsco

    blastmsco Guest

    the wireless tab in the control panel for the above mouse is not working. i
    can remove the bateries but the tab still shows the batteries as good. i
    can uplug the receiver or move the mouse out of range but the tab still shows
    the signal as strong.
    windows xp sp3 and later updates installed. have tried uninstalling and
    reinstalling drivers for mouse, usb controllers (intel) and hid devices. have
    also tried uninstalling some non-operating system programs.

    the mouse itself works fine
    blastmsco, Feb 10, 2009
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  2. blastmsco

    David B. Guest

    This is not a Media Center related issue, repost to a more appropriate group
    such as mshardware.product or windowsxp.hardware
    David B., Feb 11, 2009
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