Problems accessing all areas after change to port 8080

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Todd M, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Todd M

    Todd M Guest

    Hi all -- I'm hoping there's a quick place to make this change occur. Let me
    briefly explain the situation. I had DSL Service before with a static IP. All
    was well with my external access for my public website under SBS 2003. I
    could access public site on port 80, the sharepoint site internally, OWA
    would come in on port 80 and redirect to SSL 443 and OMA worked too. As one
    additional change I made, I located my external facing port 80 website on a
    different drive then made it the "root" of my internet. So all the web
    projects for exchange, Sharepoint,etc resided on their default C:\ locations,
    and my main site was on the E:\drive. As I said all was well. This week, I
    got fiber optic in and they did not allow a static IP. Further, though they
    (verizon) said they dont' block ports, in fact they do block port 80. I used
    a dynamic DNS redirector to capture this fact and redirected my public URL to
    port 8080. Thus, my original name was say This was
    redirected to I registered the MX there as well. I
    then went to the main website and changed the port settings in IIS from 80 to
    8080. Here's what occured (good and bad)
    External site: Up after redirection.
    OWA: Won't work on redirection, but does work calling the SSL port directly
    with the redirected SSL, ie
    OMA: Will not work, internal or external. Logon page appears, but then an
    "server error" non descript message displays
    Email/Exchange: Up and running -- no problem Emails send and receive to/from
    the server
    VPN to or does not work, but direct VPN to
    the IP does. (ie, if I ping the URL, and get a response, and use that IP,
    VPN then works -- however it used to work by using
    Inernal reports do not work -- this includes what is emailed to me (I get an
    email, but it is blank except for the words Bad request (Invalid hostname).
    It also includes the reports that are "live" that show up in the Server
    management console liek the view usage report, etc.
    As far as I can tell, right now Sharepoint *appears* to be up -- at least on
    the server. I need to check more into that to see if it is working entirely
    from the clients, both internal and via VPN (I don't have public sharepoint

    So, OK, question is -- what can I do to get SBS working well with the
    realization that my external port 80 is blocked by the ISP and I need to send
    web in on a different port (8080)?

    I'd be glad for any assist with this.

    Thanks in advance. Todd
    Todd M, Jan 20, 2007
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  2. First of all....if you'd spent any time on this group or searched it, you'd
    know that hosting your public website on your website is very very high
    security risk

    Secondly, have your read the acceptable use policy for your new provider?
    Many companies which won't provide static IP's and block port 80 have very
    specific policies abour running servers on their pipe and will turn you off
    if they discover it.
    Cris Hanna [SBS-MVP], Jan 20, 2007
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  3. Todd M

    Jeff Teel Guest

    You didn't mention if you were using ISA or not in your post. I would think
    if you were that could cause major problems too since ISA proxies through
    port 8080.
    A standard configuration of SBS (without hosting a web site on it facing the
    Internet) will not need port 80 open anyway.
    Jeff Teel, Jan 20, 2007
  4. Todd M

    Todd M Guest

    Chris, I do see that. Couple of things. First, I'm using SBS as my home
    network, so my "website" is really a personal family website and for
    development and testing. Risk is low, though yes, I can explore several
    alternatives such as hosting a virtual server as a stand alone instance of
    IIS. Or, though I dont' have much expertise, I could revert the default back
    and open a new website that just has the public facing.

    On the ISP issue, there were no terms of service that spoke of this - in
    fact I was assured that no ports were blocked at all.

    That said, my question is still -- given the need to host a website that is
    public facing, can it be done seemlessly to have it this way, or should I do
    the virtual server or minimally a second website....

    Todd M, Jan 20, 2007
  5. Todd M

    Anna Clark Guest

    Hi Todd:

    Super Gumby has pointed out, very appropriatly, that if your ISP provides
    any services such as MX record, they most likely will also allow you to put
    your website there for the same charge.

    End result: lots safer, no more cost.


    Anna Clark
    Please do post the conclusion or solution
    to your issue so that others may benefit.
    Anna Clark, Jan 20, 2007
  6. Todd M

    Jeff Teel Guest

    After reading your post Anna I'm curious to know if I'm seeing all of the
    posts here in this news group!! You mentioned a point that Super Gumby made
    here and I'm not seeing that one so I wondered if something wasn't
    refreshing in my news reader.

    Jeff Teel, Jan 20, 2007
  7. Todd M

    Anna Clark Guest

    Hi Jeff:

    Let us hope that the ng is not random. :)

    The thread is:
    Thread-Topic: CEIMW question SBS configuriation of public websites
    Subject: CEIMW question SBS configuriation of public websites
    Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 21:37:00 -0800

    Here is the reference.

    "Just a few days ago I realised another cost related thing (which I knew all
    along, just never used it in this argument). My WWW host acts as backup MX
    and zone host for my domain. If I ask them to do just these two things they
    charge me exactly the same monthly fee they would for hosting WWW, one or
    the other is free."
    Anna Clark, Jan 21, 2007
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