Problems after Downgrading IE8 to IE7 incorrectly.

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by VodkaRed, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. VodkaRed

    VodkaRed Guest

    My computer is now running on Windows XP SP3 and I recently uninstalled the
    IE 8.

    Now, I could not reinstall the IE7 as they prompt me an error saying I
    already have the latest version of Internet Explorer.

    I tried a system restore to the date I still has the IE8, but the current
    IE8 is missing a lot of features/interface, such as the "File; Edit;View;
    History; Bookmark; Help" toolbar.

    After reading the relevant downgrading steps in Microsoft website, I learnt
    that I must uninstall SP3 before uninstalling the IE8.

    I would like to try this, but I was wondering after I uninstall SP3, there
    will be no Service Pack in my system/computer.

    I could not do an Automatic Update as that section in Control Panel is
    unclick-able (in grey). However, my computer will do the updates while my
    computer is shutting down. Thus the other alternative to get the Windows
    Updates is by going to Microsoft website and download them using Internet
    Explorer; which is one of the reasons why I need to restore IE so much.

    and I just reformatted my computer in school on last Monday, as I do not
    have a Window XP installation disc .

    Therefore, how do I obtain a Service Pack after I uninstall SP3? Also, what
    will be the result after the un-installation.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone can advise me on this problem.

    Thank you.
    VodkaRed, Nov 6, 2009
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  2. VodkaRed

    Don Varnau Guest

    Did you right-click the IE toolbar and check Menu Bar? There is no History
    button- it's part of the Favorites Center.

    Don Varnau, Nov 6, 2009
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  3. About IE7 & IE8 and Windows XP Service Pack 3

    If IE7 was installed before you installed IE8, uninstalling IE8 would have
    automatically restored the computer to IE7. Are you telling us that
    whatever problems you encountered in IE8 persisted in IE7 after you'd
    uninstalled IE8?

    If IE7 (and/or IE8) was installed before you installed SP3, you would need
    to uninstall SP3 before you'd be able to uninstall/reinstall either IE

    How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if a later version of
    Internet Explorer is installed:

    HOW TO get a computer running WinXP Gold (no Service Packs) fully patched
    (after a clean install)

    HOW TO get a computer running WinXP SP1(a) or SP2 fully patched (after a
    clean install)
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Nov 6, 2009
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