Problems in Vista with WiFi and Ndis (ndisuio.sys)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Frank, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest


    I need help for Vista OS.

    I am updating a program to make connections to Wifi Networks so that
    it works in Vista.
    This program work with ndisuio.sys driver or any compatible driver
    based on NDISPROT sample protocol driver.

    For this case I stop the Wlansvc as I was doing in XP with the wzcsvc.
    It work without problems and Vista let me control the WiFi device.

    These drivers work fine in Vista and the devices I have probed work
    fine with them.
    I send these OID´s for make a connection:
    OID_802_11_ADD_KEY(0x0D01011D) (some times, if the mode needs it)

    They work well and they are shown by the program ndismon(PCAUSA) also
    when the system connects.

    The connection(association) with the AP is Ok and I send the neccesary
    security protocol (802.1X, WPA-PSK, WPA-PEAP) developed in my program
    and they work fine with the device and the AP.

    Up to here, everything seems to work fine but the problem is with the
    TCP/IP and the new interface added in the system Vista.

    The new interface does not appear in the window "Network and Sharing
    Center" and the DHCP protocol does not work over it.
    The new interfce does not obtain IP address and it does not work
    although the association with the AP and the authorization and
    authentication with the WiFi device is Ok.

    I think that more actions are necessary in order to wake up the
    interface in the system Vista although I have not been able to find
    information on the matter.

    Any help about this issue would be very appreciated.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Best regards,
    Frank, Apr 18, 2007
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  2. Frank

    John S Guest

    Are you stopping the Native Wifi filter service when doing this?
    John S, Apr 25, 2007
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  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Hi, thank you by you comment.

    I have stopped the NativeWifiP service and the interface does not work

    I think that the problem is with the network identity procedure
    (Private or public network) and/or network location procedure.

    But I do not know who controls this procedure (api or dll).
    How to initiate it programatically or how create a new network

    Frank, Apr 27, 2007
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