problems w/ d/l progs/updates etc. destinations

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Cher (BIRDWISE), Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I'm new to the forums but have been reading alot while trying t
    register. Lots of information
    I've got a vista 64 and 32 bit HP notebooks. Am having problem
    determining why/how downloads are going to variuos places other than
    drive Program Files
    I d/l a bunch of HP updates and patches that went to some obscur
    folder in CHER a folder listed seperately from C drive (my nickname)
    It's not like with xp you see exctly where a file is going sometimes.
    have folders in there called documents and downloads and others. Man
    programs and plug ins and updates and patches end up in documents
    believe it is and I can't figure out why
    Are they in need of unzipping? Are they operable or executable? Wh
    aren't they listed in my Control Panels programs or in the vista deskto
    program list
    Thought it was Defender preventing programs from operating but upo
    further invnestigation I don't think Defender does that but onl
    reports to yo if youtell it to> Regardless I uninstalled it sincen
    have ESET's NOD 32 in each system and in the xp
    I don't know if I am clear since I am confused. Thanks for any help
    Oh C drive is my default drive and that is why I'm I can'
    find anything and need to know if I must lern how to move certain file
    and folders.
    Cher (BIRDWISE):confused

    Cher (BIRDWISE

    Cher Angelo; MLS,HS,ASCP, cert grp fac, & C.A.S., cert ornithology
    Health Educator, Writer, Nature Photographer
    BIRDIWISE Avian Care Advice-MA Chronic Pain Mngmnt. Progs. - MA
    Cher (BIRDWISE), Jan 22, 2008
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