Problems w/ Linksys WMCE54AG / WMC 2005 and the Internet

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by kermit, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. kermit

    kermit Guest

    I am running Windows Media Center 2005 and have a Linksys WMCE54AG extender.
    Most of what I want to do works well. It obviously does connect to the
    Internet. I can bring up the standard TV Guide just fine. Some things that
    I try to do fail as if there was no Internet connection.

    Before my long explination below, can you view the Internet from the
    If not, that may be my problem.

    Example: On the Extender I bring up 'Online Spotlight' then 'TV & Movies'
    then 'Titan TV". I have an account that I created from the Media Center PC
    (this works just fine from the PC) so I click on Use an 'Existing' Titan TV
    It then says to 'Install the Titan TV MCE client software', I click on the
    'Install' button and I will be given a choise of 'Open Website in Borwser' or
    'Save Link to Desktop'.

    I do not get the 'Open Website in Browser' option. When I use the 'Save
    Link Option' and then run the file - nothing changes. I would like to use
    the 'Open Website in Browesr' but I do not get that option on the extender.
    Seems like it should ???

    Things like NPR and Reuters work from the extender just fine.

    Why does 'Simply Weather' not show up in My Programs on the extender??
    All of these things work just fine from the Media Center PC.

    What am I missing. Any information would be appreciated! Thank you in
    kermit, Nov 10, 2005
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  2. It sounds like Titat TV aren't installing thier software for all users which
    is why it wants you to install again on the Extender, there's no fix for
    this from Media Center, you'd have to talk to Titan TV.

    I'm not familiar with Simply Weather, but it sounds like they are only
    creating the link for the current user and not all users. If you can get to
    the app from the Extender you should be able to get it to create a link
    again, but I'm just speculating as I don't know anything about that app.
    It's also possible that the application isn't designed for the Extender in
    which case they've made a decision for the link in More Programs not to show
    up when you're using an Extender.
    Michael Creasy - [MS], Nov 10, 2005
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