Problems w/Pagemaker 6.5

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Sherry Anderson, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. I have just since last week started having problems either
    placing a Word document into a Pagemaker or file, or
    copying & pasting a Word document. If I try to place the
    file, I get a message "File contains invalid data." If I
    try to copy & paste, I get and RTF import filter, v2.5
    error as follows: "unrecognized character set - ansi
    used," then "unrecognized token -\ansi." I suspect an
    automatic update has created this problem, since I've not
    had trouble before (I do this particular procedure on a
    daily basis). I've checked the Adobe site & can't find
    any clues. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Sherry Anderson, Aug 14, 2003
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  2. Sherry Anderson


    Sep 5, 2010
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    hi, i m not sure in vista but try to do written below:

    PM 6.5 is not supported under WinXP. On top of that it's about 9 years
    older than Word 2003.

    1. Copy/paste to wordpad and
    2. then copy/paste that to your page maker.

    reply me if it worked in vista
    shekharmohan, Sep 5, 2010
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