Problems with ATI Theater Pro 550 Tuner in Vista Ultimate x64

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Waveblaster, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Waveblaster

    Waveblaster Guest

    Has anyone experienced any problems lately running an ATI Theater Pro 550
    tuner with Vista Ultimate x64? Mine had been running fine for over a year
    and one day last week it stopped working. I tried upgrading to the latest
    ATI drivers and SP1 but no go after that either. I noticed that it stopped
    working around the time an automatic update was applied and I tried rolling
    that back with no luck. I reinstalled the OS and it recognized the board and
    installed the drivers, but I could not get Media Center to recognize the

    I’ve since installed an VisionTek HD 650 in the pc with SP1 and it is
    working fine, but the Powercolor board does not show up in Device Manager. I
    don’t think there is anything physically wrong with the old tuner card, but
    do not have another pc with PCI-e slots to test it out. Since I’ve purchased
    the new tuner, I’d like to get the old one working and have two tuners

    Side note: I also have an HDHomeRun unit, which has worked flawlessly from
    day one. While working on the above issue, the HDHR power supply went bad –
    great timing. I contacted their customer support and they shipped a new one
    out that day. Not bad customer service.

    Waveblaster, Jun 4, 2008
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