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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by John A. Haze, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. John A. Haze

    John A. Haze Guest

    I have a little problem, I don't know if it was caused by a virus or what
    but although I belive my system is clean now I have had this problem before
    and its steered my straight away from ie. Everytime I try running the
    symantec online scanner I get this error right before it scans.
    Error: Expected ';'
    Then when I click ok it says
    Unable to run Virus Detection

    In order to run Virus Detection you must be using Microsoft Internet
    Explorer 5.0 or higher with ActiveX and Scripting enabled.

    To learn more, see our Help.

    I've gotten this error quite a few times in the past but only after
    something like a virus. I get errors on some other webpages too just none I
    care about. Off of a fresh windows install fully updated or not ect ect it
    works fine. I've uninstalled ie7. Tried no go. Reinstalled ie7. No go.
    I've even downloaded windows script 5.6 thinking updating the scripting in
    windows would fix it. All I know is when this happens the only thing I can
    possibly do to fix this is to reinstall windows. I really would like to
    know what I could do to fix this. Even tried sfc /scannow. I just finally
    raided a second drive in and started fresh because of the raid and its been
    over a month since I've installed windows and I've just got it about perfect
    the way I want it and I will not reinstall again!

    Any ideas? Last time I had this problem I just used firefox (which I love
    dearly) and forgot it but I've just installed the Onecare trial and I'm
    willing unhappily to use ie for security purposes.
    John A. Haze, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. Go to Tools | Internet Options | Advanced.
    Check the box to Disable script debugging.
    Uncheck the box to Display a notification about every script error.

    1. You might want to refresh your scripting engine:
    Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 and XP

    2. Sometimes there's a corrupt file in the cache and one must go to Tools |
    Internet Options and click Delete Files.

    2a. Start | Run | Regsvr32 vbscript.dll

    2b. Start | Run | Regsvr32 jscript.dll

    3. Re-register all DLLs listed in

    4. See also
    Error Message When You Browse the Web: An Error Has Occurred in the Script
    on This Page
    Scripting Errors When You View Web Pages in Internet Explorer after
    Installing Office 2003

    5a. IE Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Browsing>Enable third-party browser
    extensions (uncheck & reboot).

    5b. Find the hijacker that caused 5a to be checked (or if none were checked,
    check for hijackware anyway):

    Dealing with Hijackware

    How to Troubleshoot Script Errors in Internet Explorer
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Mar 2, 2007
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