Project Lynch LinTards

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by VistaJustWorks, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. To my LinTard "friends"


    Dearest LinTards:

    My time here has once again drawn to and end..

    In the previous round you had predicted the rise of your LinTard OS, by the
    end of the year. Once the latest version of LinTard OS whatever was
    released, it was all over for Microsoft and Vista.

    Well here it is a month after Vista has been publicly released, and 3 months
    after the corporate release, and not only is Vista doing fine, and getting
    Great reviews, your LinTurd OS remains completely off the radar.


    Linux is dying. Estimates are that on average for every Linux Distro there
    are less than 20 people using it.


    Or was it 200? No difference really.


    And what for the coming year? Well of course your opinion is that Microsoft
    and Vista are doomed once the next release of LinTard OS whatever is
    released, but then that's been your position for the last decade or longer.

    It's the perpetual Lintard Hope. A key tenant of the LinTard/UniTard Faith.


    Linux - The Little OS that never could.

    You are about to be steamrolled by Microsoft....

    But don't worry. You won't be completly wiped out. Microsoft wants to keep
    you alive so that it can milk you pipsqueeks for all you are worth. And you
    are worth quit a bit alive for Microsoft. Billy and the others know as does
    every thinking person, that Linux and it's incompetent competition is the
    best thing, the greatest gift, ever given to Microsoft.

    You Turds, you can sleep soundly that YOU are personally assistaing in the
    dominance of the very company you so loathe.

    Ahhahahahahaahahah.... Stupid... Stipid... LinTurd Dung Eaters.

    See you in 6 months at which time I will once again torment and laugh at you
    pathetic losers and your pathetic Shit Stick OS.
    VistaJustWorks, Feb 10, 2007
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  2. VistaJustWorks

    Art Deco Guest

    Art Deco, Feb 10, 2007
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