Proof of vista fasteness!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by jxzkzwdlq, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. jxzkzwdlq

    jxzkzwdlq Guest

    I have seen numerous posts and complaints about how slow vista is..

    but then I read a very smart post from some MVP that gave me an idea..!

    He said " you must use hardware designed for vista for vista to be fast"

    WOW! so what I did was this:

    I bought a motherboard that can support 2 physical CPU and installed 2 four
    core CPUs on it, for a total of 8 cores.
    I installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit with 16 GB ram and 2 raptor disks 10.000
    rpm in RAID mode so that everything will be fast...
    then in installed 2 NVIDIA cards that have 512 mb each in SLI mode...

    after all that I compared that machines performance with my old XP machine
    (singe core 1 gig ram, 256 vga)


    I got the same EXACT speed from the new machine as I did with XP!

    That proves to everyone that Vista is not slower as long as you use the
    proper hardware

    Thanks MVP for enlightening me with your deep knowledge!
    jxzkzwdlq, Feb 5, 2008
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  2. That proves you are just an IDIOT. Call your doctor and order more
    medication. Just FYI.

    Also, just FYI, call Kevpan815 and you guys could be right wing nutcases
    together. Just FYI
    Mrs. Kevpan815, Feb 5, 2008
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  3. jxzkzwdlq

    fridau Guest

    You are Doris, aka Spankey de Monkey now Mrs Kevpan815

    whatever name you choose you are still lame
    fridau, Feb 5, 2008
  4. Maybe I'll call myself "fridau" - Just FYI. How about that? Just FYI
    Mrs. Kevpan815, Feb 5, 2008
  5. jxzkzwdlq

    AlexB Guest

    It is an interesting hardware config and I am going to copy it. I may build
    a machine like this just for fun. It may be time to upgrade my 3 DELLs this

    I have Vista ultimate on C: partition and XP on D: partition on my home DELL
    XGX-280 2Gb RAM, 3.85 Hgz CPU (they do not make such CPUs anymore I

    Yesterday I decided to boot to my XP which I have't used for months. I
    needed to check a couple of things. The partitions have pretty much the same

    XP was about 4 time slower to boot.
    AlexB, Feb 5, 2008
  6. jxzkzwdlq

    Doug Guest

    What he is saying is that a $3000 dollar machine running vista
    is as fast as a $500 dollar machine running XP.

    But you didn't get the whole irony did you?

    Smart as a rock that AlexB!

    Doug, Feb 5, 2008
  7. jxzkzwdlq

    Augustus Guest

    All Vista bashing by trolls aside, there must be something seriously wrong
    with your install if XP is taking 4 times longer to boot than Vista. I have
    never seen Vista boot faster than XP on the same box. It just does not
    happen with a healthy XP install. My dual boot system is an Opteron 185
    3.0Ghz, Twin Raptors in RAID0 ,2 Gig RAM. XP Pro loads in to a full desktop
    with all systray apps at 37 seconds from the BIOS RAID array splash. Vista
    Business takes 1 min 20 seconds from the same point to a full desktop.
    Augustus, Feb 5, 2008
  8. jxzkzwdlq

    AlexB Guest

    No, I did not at that time but after I posted I did. I did not read it

    Nonetheless what I said is TRUE. My XP is much slower than Vista. It is the
    same machine the same software. It means that he made the whole thing up.

    It is also well documented that Vista is faster than XP. It is all over the

    I am trying to concentrate on substance and a bunch of hollering about
    Doris, Just FYI, etc eludes me. In this sense I am not that attune to some
    idiotic tunes around here. I don't mind to say something that is not quite
    all right once in a while.

    MICHAEL does it every day at least trice.

    AlexB, Feb 5, 2008
  9. jxzkzwdlq

    AlexB Guest

    I noticed you are an expert. I copied your yesterday's conversation with
    that youngster. I want to continue this discussion because I also want to
    learn from you.

    I am already tired and want to go to bed. Tomorrow I will try to measure the
    timing with a stop watch.

    Also I will try to get a complete configuration for the machine but it seems
    to be what I've said.

    I have a SATA 80 Gbs perhaps for C: for Vista and a second SATA 160 Gbs for
    XP (installed later my myself).

    Thanks for your attention.
    AlexB, Feb 5, 2008
  10. jxzkzwdlq

    MICHAEL Guest

    Must be hard for you to read "carefully", when you
    can barely read at all.
    I reckon you meant thrice and not "trice".

    Yes, I soundly humiliate you at least three
    times a day. But, you make it so easy.

    MICHAEL, Feb 5, 2008
  11. jxzkzwdlq

    Doug Guest

    He didnt realize that it was XP that was trying to delete all his vista
    restore points and shadow copy files...

    thats why it was probably taking so much time to boot after months..

    of course this is a vista problem, a problem that should never had been
    Doug, Feb 5, 2008
  12. jxzkzwdlq

    Owner Guest

    Bullshit :)

    Owner, Feb 5, 2008
  13. jxzkzwdlq

    MICHAEL Guest

    The beat downs you've received today have
    worn you out, I'm sure.

    Just go to bed, please. Sweet dreams.
    That's the only place where you may actually
    know WTF you are babbling about.

    MICHAEL, Feb 5, 2008
  14. jxzkzwdlq

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Who cares what you do, ar*ewipe!

    Mick Murphy, Feb 5, 2008
  15. jxzkzwdlq

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Hey Doug; alexb is as slow as a wet week!

    Have a read of some of his other posts.

    You would laugh, except some poor person here might be following his advice!

    Mick Murphy, Feb 5, 2008
  16. jxzkzwdlq

    Mick Murphy Guest

    The ars*wipe can type, lol.

    Takes a while for your "brain"(and I use the term loosely!) to cut in, does


    Mick Murphy, Feb 5, 2008
  17. jxzkzwdlq

    Phillips Guest

    Here's a hardware config. you might also consider:

    mobo: Intel Dual-CPU Skulltrail platform

    cpu: 2 x QX9775 (LGA771). Probably require 2 or more (8 cores licensing?)
    Vista Ultimate licenses; for added security, you need to run another Vista
    Ultimate in a virtual machine environment. Cooling solution is up to you
    pending usage, environment.

    ram: 8 x 2GB Kingston CL3 FB-DIMM 800 modules - assuming 8 RAM slots on your
    Skulltrail based mobo

    graphics: 2 x Quad SLI cards - ex. 2 x HP NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 768MB PCIe.
    If you want to enjoy the full Aero experience, though, Nvidia Quadro Plex S4
    is recommended to drive the monitors ->

    monitors: 2 x Eizo Color Edge CG301W (30" diagonal) - 97% Adobe RGB heaven.
    As an extra bonus, you get 3 USB 2.0 (1 up, 2 down) ports on each monitor!
    Don't forget to google for "free shipping."

    PSU (this is a no brainer): Thermaltake Toughpower W0171RE (1500W)

    case: your choice

    Hope this helps,

    Phillips, Feb 5, 2008
  18. jxzkzwdlq

    Mrs. Putzke Guest

    Why don't you call him a COCKHEAD? You love that kind of thing. Just FYI
    Mrs. Putzke, Feb 5, 2008
  19. I don't know, Frank said Vista is weally fast too
    thetruthhurts , Feb 5, 2008
  20. jxzkzwdlq

    AlexB Guest

    Oh, IDIOT, you have gotten bitten down. Even with the download folders you
    were confused and cracky.
    AlexB, Feb 5, 2008
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