Proper installation of legacy scsi miniport driver.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Konstantin S., Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Hello to all,
    I wrote SCSI miniport driver for a custom Flash card (custom means
    that it GPIO pins are used for control/data and not some well known

    The scsiport.sys seams to ignore all registry enum keys that I put ,
    either manually or by mean of .inf file.

    Each time after reboot I find the new hardware instance without
    hardwareID and Class keys in the Root-enumerated (only with
    DetectedIsa/flashdrv compatible Ids)
    Also each time the ParentIdIndex changes and the new instance of SCSI
    disk is created.

    All of above causes "Unknown hardware" Wizard after each reboot, but
    the driver works and the disk is mounted.

    The only way I have to control the above enumeration process is in
    HwInilizeRoutine and FindAdapter.
    But I am really confused and don't know why scsiport.sys each time do
    different things.

    Thanks in advance ...
    Konstantin S., Nov 22, 2004
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