Proxy.pac problems on IE7

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by MijakiDK, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. MijakiDK

    MijakiDK Guest


    I've got problems with proxy.pac and IE7. Streaming videos does not work
    with proxy.pac, manually setting the proxy works.

    Accessing our OWA site takes forever with proxy.pac and the certificate is
    not recognized. Manual settings??? Wham bam thank you mam - works fine.

    I've read a lot on google and some people say that IE7 and proxy.pac does
    not function well?

    We are a college, using proxy and having a lot of laptops on WiFi. These
    laptop needs to have some sort of detect of the IP range it's on. Otherwise
    our teachers will not be able to go to the internet from home.

    Ohhh and yes It used to work fine and then IE7 came along, not that I can
    say exactly that's the problem, but we have narrowed it down by testing
    proxy.pac vs. manually entered proxy addresses.

    Any ideas?

    MijakiDK, Jun 25, 2008
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  2. See Workaround section of this related KB article (ignore the title):

    Your home page is assigned to the incorrect security zone if Internet
    Explorer uses a proxy auto-configuration (.pac) file to specify proxy
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jun 25, 2008
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  3. MijakiDK

    MijakiDK Guest

    Thanks I'll give a try, however the streaming of media not working correctly
    is from various sites around the world. Danish Television, Youtube and so
    forth. I find it pretty difficult to add them to the security zone mentioned

    MijakiDK, Jun 26, 2008
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