Public folder not public!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by si_aldworth, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. si_aldworth

    si_aldworth Guest

    All that I can gather from Windows help files is that everything I pu
    in the Public folder is readily accessible by all users of my PC (ther
    is no network here so I'm only concerned with local users). However, w
    have two users and only one of them, me, can access the contents of th
    Public folder.

    We started with just one user, with Admin rights, and all our photo
    were contained within the folders of that user. Sometime later
    created a second user for my daughter, who is just a standard user. T
    ensure she could continue to see our photos, I moved them to th
    Pictures folder within the Public folder. Now, when she's logged on (n
    log in password incidentally) she can use Explorer to open the Publi
    folder, and all the subsequent sub-folders, but when she gets to th
    files she only sees blank thumbnail icons and if she double-clicks
    file it says she doesn't have permission to view them!

    If she tries to open my user folder she immediately gets a messagebo
    saying she doesn't have permission to open the folder and must get
    password to do so.

    So, in the one sense the Public folder is public because she can ope
    it, but in another sense it isn't because she can't access any of th
    files in it.

    If I look at the properties of any of the Public folders or files, he
    user name does not appear in the list of users or groups. For tha
    matter, on some occasions nor does mine! Instead there is a list of od
    words such as BATCH, INTERACTIVE, and other things irrelevant to peopl
    such as myself.

    I can't find any help anywhere that would explain why a folder that i
    supposed to be Public clearly isn't and what to do about it.

    Hope you can help
    si_aldworth, Nov 16, 2008
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  2. si_aldworth

    Rick Rogers Guest


    It sounds more like you created a folder full of shortcuts to the actual
    files. When she double clicks them, the shortcut leads back to your
    userprofile which she doesn't have access to, hence the error message.
    Rick Rogers, Nov 16, 2008
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  3. si_aldworth

    si_aldworth Guest

    Rick, I can assure they are not shortcuts. I regularly transfer ne
    photos from my camera directly to the Public folder.

    A curious other aspect of this problem is that the Google sideba
    gadget that she uses to display photos has full access to the Publi
    folder and successfully displays them. If you use the gadget to ope
    the photo in the standard Windows photo viewer then it does s
    successfully. If I check the properties of the file whilst in th
    Viewer then it is indeed located in the problem Public folder. If
    look at the Security tab she is not listed as a User (although
    mysterious unknown user is listed whose name is a many digi
    alphanumeric name) but if I go to Edit, put in my Admins password an
    search for User names then her's will appear. I am not au fait enoug
    with this aspect of OS software to have the confidence to do anythin
    about it myself. Hence I ask here first.


    si_aldworth, Nov 18, 2008
  4. si_aldworth

    Rick Rogers Guest


    On the security tab of the folder properties, check the "everyone"
    permissions. They should be able to read & execute, List, and read.

    Rick Rogers, Nov 18, 2008
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