Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Ran W., Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Ran W.

    Ran W. Guest

    I have installed MS alerts SDK for .NET and have followed their
    instructions and sample code (mainly working with their PPE environment).
    However, I am having some problems making sure that my/their code actually
    works. The problem is as follows:

    a. When sending an alert (as per MS sample code), I get an OK response
    indicating that the alert has been accepted/received by the server.

    b. The (special) MSN client (PPE version) does not seem to be able to
    sign in no matter what I try - so I can't check that the alert is actually

    c. Every time I try to sign in to the PPE server, it insists on
    downloading a new version (6.2) - which ofcourse I do not accept, since the
    MS SDK installation warns about NOT installing a messenger newer than 6.1
    (which is the PPE version)

    Can anyone help - e.g., send code that has been tested, configuration that I
    am not aware of, etc. ? I am mainly looking to use a SOAP client to send
    alerts to the MSN ...

    Thanks in advance.
    Ran W., Aug 2, 2004
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