Question about WMCE54AG and MCE devices in general

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Spectre, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Spectre

    Spectre Guest

    1. WTF, why did Linksys not just ad a few more Ethernet ports on the back of
    the WMCE54AG and give me a nice elegant router / AP instead of having to
    get yet ANOTHER POS BLUE box and yet ANOTHER wall WART etc, etc..?

    2. Why not make this damn thing "speedbooster" capable at least so I can
    feel better about my "speedbooster" router and notebook card and maybe it
    would give that little extra speed when streaming video. I mean come on
    there is room in $300.00 there for the $1.00 difference that "speedboster"
    chips costs from Broadcomm.

    3. NO HI-DEF? WTF, the only POS that does high def is the 2 year old Roku
    which sucked so bad it was useless to me. What is the point of having a 4K
    HDTV you can't watch shit on in HDTV?

    4. For the love of god can we make ripping and streaming DVD's and CD's that
    I already OWN and have paid the PIGS in Hollywood for (MPAA/RIAA etc.) some
    times more than once EASIER to use over a network. Why is this such a pain
    in the ass? By the time I jump through all the hoops necessary to learn to
    rip, store and watch MY (REPEAT MY F*cking DVD) you bet your ass I may as
    well just pirate shit and give them nothing. So damn stupid I buy it and I
    want to use it as I see fit, PERIOD. How F*cking hard is that to understand?
    You god dam GREEDY PIGS!
    Spectre, Jan 1, 2005
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  2. Spectre

    Spectre Guest

    have been a nice place to hook up my 2 250GB external drives but Noooo some
    dipshit decided lets put ports on there that don't work just to piss them
    Spectre, Jan 1, 2005
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