question from IRP Cheat Sheet 1 ==> Scenario 2 ) Forward and Wait

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by M Taha Masood, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Hello,
    I have questions regarding the IRP cheat sheet's Scenario 2 , Forward
    and Wait.;EN-US;320275

    could somebody pls clarify these


    Question 1 )

    in DispatchRoutine_2 ( ...
    if (status == STATUS_PENDING) {

    does this return value of STATUS_PENDING mean that the completion
    routine of some lower level driver
    would have returned STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED?

    Question 2)

    in DispatchRoutine_2 ( ...
    IoCompleteRequest (Irp, IO_NO_INCREMENT);
    return status;

    i) What control flow will the call to IoCompleteRequest initiate?
    ii) To whom will the "return status;" statement give control

    How are i) and ii) above inter-related?
    M Taha Masood, Aug 17, 2004
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  2. M Taha Masood

    Calvin Guan Guest

    in DispatchRoutine_2 ( ...
    It means the lower driver had returned STATUS_PENDING from its dispatch
    It just resumes the IRP completion since the completion routine has returned
    SMPR. I'd recommend Walter's WDM book which has a detailed description on
    how this works. Before his book, I have to reverse engineer the
    IoCompleteRequest to get my filter driver right.
    Return to the guy who called IoCallDriver to the driver.

    Calvin Guan Software Engineer
    ATI Technologies Inc.
    Calvin Guan, Aug 17, 2004
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  3. No, it means the dispatch routine returned STATUS_PENDING.
    This will return to the caller; it could be the IO manager or it could
    (indirectly) be a higher-level driver.

    STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED is a value that is returned by
    completion routines, not dispatch routines. Typically, if a driver must
    pass an IRP down to another driver via IoCallDriver(), it will set a
    completion routine so it can do any post-processing it needs to do.

    That completion routine can return either
    STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED, meaning that you are not yet ready to
    call IoCompleteRequest(), or STATUS_CONTINUE_COMPLETION, meaning that
    you are done with the IRP and the IO manager can continue calling
    completion routines above you. Note that if you return MORE_PROCESSING,
    you have to manually re-initiate completion at some point.

    Walter Oney's WDM book has as good of a reference on IRP completion as
    I've seen; re-read it until it makes sense. Also, read the DDK docs on
    completing an IRP, and look at some samples. Finally, if you can find a
    powerpoint presentation by Adrian Oney in the WinHEC docs from a couple
    of years ago about IRP completion, that has a really fantastic
    description of the IoMarkIrpPending() protocol.

    Steve Dispensa [MVP], Aug 17, 2004
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