Question on the concept of a DOmain Controler and Single domain

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Jose E. Calderon, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I have a question regarding the limitation of singular domain controler in a
    SBS 2k3 environment.

    Please, show me some light to help me clarify this concept and the
    limitations applicable to my Network configuration needs.

    I understand that SBS 2k3 can be the only DOmain controler in a network and
    that only handles one domain.

    I have the following scenario and I am not sure if this will be possible in
    my network.

    I want to set up a Lan topology which separates my office lan workstations
    under the SBS2k3 from the servers running my ecommerce business.

    I have 4 servers-
    Server 1 : SBS 2k3 R-2 Premium edition.
    Server 2- Windows Server 2k3 web edition. I want this server to host my
    multiples public ecommerce sites.
    Server 3- SQL server. To host all database related to the ecommerce sites
    runned by Server 2
    Server 4- This is a Windows server running a file server storing all the
    digital goods

    I have my local domain name and 4 public domains which will be hosted in the
    Web servers.

    I like this machines access from my local lan for maintenance and deployment
    of the ecommerce sites.

    I am not sure if this can be supported under the SBS. I will like the ISA
    firewall protecting all my servers.

    Wha twill be you sugtgested topology for my network?

    CAn I have all machines behind my SBS2k3 server. That is the internet
    gateway router connected only to the SBS machine and everything run behind
    the local lan nic card? Since Server 2 will be running a separate domain, I
    have doubts whether whis machine will be able to host different sites with
    different domain names.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Jose E. Calderon, Jan 17, 2007
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