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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by lee, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. lee

    lee Guest

    *Not sure if this is the appropriate forum if not could i be directed to the
    right one although i feel this is pretty close if not the right one*


    I have noticed before and was curious and & thought this would be the happy
    place to find the answer and is related to microsft windows Vista. Im having
    a few troubles with my PC, sometimes won't go out of sleep mode and
    dissconnecting USB devices randomly when entering sleep mode and it could
    dissconnect the soundcard (usually does) and the mousse still works, or the
    mousse won't work either after entering sleep mode. None of this should be
    happeneing as USB devices should'nt be dissconnecting in sleep mode, and i
    have checked out all options in "power options" and everything is set
    correctly so there is no reason that USB devices should be randommly
    dissconnecting. Anyway heh. I have been onto the toshiba forums and have
    downloaded the BIOS and display drivers from toshiba as some said may help.

    All this had me thinking and i thought because there is so many problems
    randomly happening and there are a few areas in which iam unsure of, i
    thought i would ask about one of them to whoever may wan't to help me to
    clear atleast some of this mess out of my head and give me a bit better
    picture of whats going on with my PC.

    Heh, Ok, Question: This has bewildered me for ages, a while now, and wan't
    to clear some of the confusion out so here we go. There is a list of USB host
    controllers & USB Hubs corresponding to these Host controllers. What are they
    for. It seems that when ever i have a USB device plugged in it shows up as a
    seperate device (whatver) in device manager so i was wondering what the other
    controller and hubs were for? Hope someone can help. Also to add to the
    question, going back to what i said previously at the start of this message,
    the randomly dissconnects devices when entering sleep mode, by randommly i
    mean sometimes when the PC enters sleep mode sometimjes devices dissconnect
    sometimes they don't(soundcard dissconnects most times if not all the time,
    have not kept tabs, have to check..). When i enter windows again replug the
    mousse in most times it will recognise but the soundcard will show in device
    manager but not in "soun options" and will say this device is working
    properly in device manager when obviously i can't use it. It sucks. Is there
    any pattern forming here or is it time to send the Lappy in for a check up.
    It was sent in once before to get the HD replaced because of bad sectors and
    was dropped and damage was done to the left side of the alptop where the 2
    left USB ports are situated, but on the side i connect my mopuse and
    soundcard to there was no damaged atleast on the outside and don't think it
    landed/damaged on that side.

    If you need information on my Laptop it is a
    Toshiba Satelite A300 PSAGCA (08W model i think), pm45 chipset, T9400

    If you need more info let me know.

    That is it...

    Hope someone can help solve my problem, or help.

    Cheers Thankyou,

    lee, Apr 15, 2009
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