Questions about running the ADPrep utility.

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by Mark Conlin, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Mark Conlin

    Mark Conlin Guest

    I currently have 2 servers running win2k server (both
    with sp3 installed) We have a new beefy server we want
    to add to our domain with 2k3 server. I tried running
    the DCPromo tool, but got errors. Then read up about how
    i have to run the ADprep tool on both DC's to prepare
    them for a 2k3 server. Is the ADprep utility a difficult
    process, or can it be done during the day? Or should it
    be a weekend job, incase of problems? I've read that
    some installations are smooth and simple and some are
    not. Want to make sure i get all possible problems
    resolved before i run the utility. Any tips, suggestions
    would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Mark Conlin, Jun 21, 2004
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  2. Mark Conlin

    gottaplayd Guest

    Mark, there are two parts to Adprep, Forestprep and Domain prep

    Forestprep (ran as ADPREP /FORESTPREP from a command prompt) updates the
    schema with the new W2K3 extensions. My recommendation on that is after
    hours or on the weekend. If you have a small environment, then this won't
    be as big of a deal.

    Before you begin make sure you are a member of the schema admins group so
    you can actually run FORESTPREP

    Best practices for that:
    - Create a new AD site and site link between this new site and whatever site
    works as a main hub site, if you are configured this way.
    - Schedule the replication time to happen oh... 6 hours after you plan to
    - Move the Schema Master to the new site
    - Run FORESTPREP on the schema master, wait for it to complete, give it
    about 30 minutes to settle down, and check for anything that looks like a
    catastrophic error.
    - IF YOU FIND ANY (and I highly doubt you will if the process finishes and
    tells you it ran fine), IMMEDIATELY POWER DOWN THE SCHEMA MASTER! Sorry for
    the caps, but if something goes haywire, now is the time to shut down that
    server. And then you'll have to seize the schema master FSMO role
    - Otherwise, wait until the replication happens, check your DC's to verify
    that they've received the new schema extensions, and that's it. As far as I
    know 999 of 1000 times this is painless.

    ADPREP /DOMAINPREP is a lot easier and you can do that right after you
    finish with FORESTPREP

    Log on to your infrastructure master DC and run it. That's it. Quite easy
    and you have to run this once per domain. NOT per DC, but once on every
    DOMAIN in your environment.

    Hope this gets you started in the right directions!
    gottaplayd, Jun 21, 2004
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