Questions about Windows Installer, DIFX and non-device drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by J., Nov 13, 2006.

  1. J.

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    I am using Wise for Windows Installer for creating an msi package that will
    install 32-bit non-device minifilter drivers plus the end user app. The
    driver package consists of three .SYS files, one INF and one CAT file. All
    of the drivers will be signed with the Authenticode (not WHQL). I am using
    the latest version of DIFxApp.msm. I have configured my test system (XP) to
    run in a debug mode, so I can avoid the problems related to signature
    validation. So far I have been unable to successfully install using the DIFx
    tools. I have examined the INF using chkinf.bat and fixed all of the errors.
    This INF works fine when I use right-click menu option "Install". The
    Setupapi.log shows only warnings related to drivers' signatures, but
    everything else gets installed. When I use the same INF with the msi and
    DIFx, the install fails with the msg in the log: "Could not get services
    associated with driver package". there is no problem with starting the
    services when I use right-click menu option "Install".

    1. Can I use one INF file for all the three signed drivers? "The
    Requirements for Driver Packages That Are Used with the DIFx Tools" MS doc
    reads: "Each signed driver package INF must have its own catalog file, which
    contains the signature for the driver package. The DIFx tools do not support
    catalog files that contain signatures for more one driver package". Does it
    mean that I need to have three separate INFs and corresponding catalog
    files? That would be strange since a single INF works with the setupapi.

    2. DDK docs state explicitly that CatalogFile entry in the Version section
    of the INF file is "for signed antivirus minifilters, this entry contains
    the name of a WHQL-supplied catalog file. All other minifilters should leave
    this entry blank. For more information, see the description of the
    CatalogFile entry in INF Version Section". When I use DIFxApp.msm, the
    install will fail if there is no CatalogFile entry and there is nothing in
    the documentation that would suggest this entry is optional. So, I have
    assumed that when using DIFx tools I must use catalog files even when
    installing minifilter drivers. Is that correct?

    3. The DriverPackageType in the [Version] section is listed as
    "FileSystemMinifilter". The latest version of the DIFx tools lists only two
    types: ClassFilter and PlugAndPlay. Should I change that entry to
    ClassFilter or is it backwards compatible. I recall seeing a post somewhere
    stating that using FileSystemMinifilter is OK.

    4. I came across a post stating: "The issue is if you talk with the DIFx
    guys they will tell you that non-device drivers are not supported with DIFx.
    If it works be happy and continue to use it but if you have issues they
    won't do anything about it right now. Hopefully we will get this resolved
    (and supported) soon".
    Does this statement apply to Vista only or DIFx tools in general? What are
    my options in a situation where I need to use Windows Installer technology
    to install drivers with the application. My understanding is that there is
    no other other built-in support for installing drivers using Windows
    Installer than DIFx. If DIFx does not support non-device drivers it leaves
    me with no alternative. What am I supposed to do to install in a supported
    way non-device drivers using Windows Installer technology?

    I would appreciate your advice.


    J., Nov 13, 2006
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