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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by rb, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. rb

    rb Guest

    ....This is all just a scam and waste of time!!!


    1) MOSTLY from YOU (the same people that are asking the questions). ...?

    2) From Microsoft ONCE A MONTH- If your lucky?
    ("Every month, Microsoft responds to the suggestions WITH THE MOST VOTES, so
    it is important to vote for your suggestion if it has already been posted...
    Note: To vote for a suggestion or post your own, you must sign in to

    3) Sometimes from So called "Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs)"?
    ("MVPs are individuals from around the globe... These individuals represent
    a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, but they share the BASIC
    characteristics of having very strong technical skills..." And "...many times
    are also prominent authors, developers, industry "gurus" or speakers".)
    Microsoft MVPs are also identified with a blue "mvp" icon.
    (...How often have you seen this icon?)

    ....So, this is what ALL makes up this so call "community/dicussion group"!
    ("A discussion group (also known as a newsgroup) is a place on the Internet
    where PEOPLE INTERACT by posting and reading messages about topics that are
    of interest to them and the rest of a community").

    **Notice that there is really just "interaction" going on here but not
    exactly ANSWERS to our problems?!

    (Dont believe me? -For more info click on the "help" link then click "Got a
    suggestion? Give Microsoft feedback".)
    rb, Aug 28, 2005
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  2. rb

    Zarax Guest

    That's why this is a community newsgroup and not a simple Q&A board.
    As these are *free* newsgroups about software you can download for *free*
    Microsoft can assign only limited resources for them, so it's logical they
    want to maximize them on the most popular questions.

    You also might have noticed that some MSFT employees *volunteer* to give
    some help in their free time, which is quite limited.

    MVPs are also working people that sacrifices their *free time* to give
    others one hand.
    Please also note that many MVPs have their own places that offers help, so
    that their newsgroup time can be limited.

    Since MVPs are not paid by Microsoft you cannot expect a regular service
    from them.
    For as unsatisfactory the answers might be for some, this is one place where
    the people can look for help.

    Also, there might be some extra problems with questions like:

    a) The problem might require knowledge in areas that many MVPs aren't
    skilled with.
    That's especially true with many WMP questions as they are often more
    direct-x related issues than player's.

    b) Questions already answered.
    Also true for the many issues that can be solved by using the KB or online
    help. People can be less motivated to answer them.

    c) The solution is still unknown.
    Or might require several days of work, so it's rare that volunteers can give
    help on that.
    Do you think that feedback is negative?
    How can you expect someone to fix a problem if there is no feedback?
    Zarax, Aug 28, 2005
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  3. rb

    Sandal Guest

    Hello RB
    I read your post with interest as well as Zarax's reply.

    I understood the gist of what you wrote but not the point you were making.

    I am a complete novice when it come to OS but have always understood that
    most if not all of the MVPs, in fact everyone gives their time freely to
    mointer and answer the questions put.

    Yes it's frustrating when you don't get an answer to your enquiry, infact I
    shall take this opotunity to re-post a question I'm deperate to get an answer
    to at the bottom of this reply, perhasp you can help me?

    That aside, I am really grateful to the community, I for one have had a heck
    of a lot of support from it and if I'm honest I don't care, why,whom or where
    the answer comes from, I just glad this community exists.

    Re-posted question, I've asked it in 2 or 3 sections of this community,

    A little while ago I transferred some of my CD and vinyl collection on to
    my PC using Windows Media Player 9+, all in all about 1500 songs transferred
    randomly, everything went fine.

    I then copied these tracks over to my music folder in my Documents, from
    there sorted them into year or artist by making folders.

    So for example, I might have 50 track's of various artists from the Fifties
    so I created a Fifties folder the same for the Thirties, Forties Sixties and
    so on. Where I have 50 tracks by the same artist, Buddy Holly or the Trogs I
    have created a folder called Buddy Holly or the Trogs and so on and I have no
    problem listening to any track on my PC via WMP

    My questions are, when I open WMP, click media library, then click all music,
    in the left-hand column I can see all my tracks either under artist, album,
    genre but it's not how I want it.

    I would like to clear these categories of everything in them but don't know
    to on. Individual entries I can delete but that would take for ever, how
    do I delete everything in these categories quickly on mass so to speak.

    Then I would like to copy but not move the folders I made in the My Music
    Folder and transfer them into WMP, how can I do this and will my tracks
    still play?
    Sandal, Aug 30, 2005
  4. OK well, you need to delete, or *better*, rename the library database
    (close the player first though !)

    It's usually found in the folder
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft
    \Media Index\wmplibrary_v_0_12.db (this should be all on one line)

    If you renamed it to wmplibrary_v_0_12.bak then the library entries
    are no longer seen by WMP. Now you can open media player, and press F3
    to bring up the "scan for media files" dialog.

    Don't bother with volume levelling, we'd have to assume you've done
    that when recording the vinyl sources and it can take some time. You
    want to pick "new files & existing files without media information"
    and send it on its way to scan all drives.

    If this doesn't work to your satisfaction for some reason, close media
    player, delete the *new* database file and rename the original file
    from .bak to .db

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Aug 30, 2005
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