RAID drives not seen in SBS 2003

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Steve, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    We've had many problems since the CMOS battery failed, including problems
    with DNS errors, AD and Exchange not working and file and print sharing
    services not working. I believe I need to fix the RAID issue first, since
    it's keeping me from accessing other parts of the OS installation.

    I've put a new battery into the server and reset everything (including the
    date), but now the RAID doesn't work correctly. The RAID (Level 1)
    controller shows that the drives are fine (and all 4 are bootable) during
    the POST, though it does state that the DATA array needs to be repaired, and
    it will do that within Windows. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't recognize the
    RAID drives.

    SBS 2003 doesn't see our "DATA" drives and won't boot if the Intel ICH6R
    controller is set to RAID in the BIOS. If I try to boot it that way, I get
    an "NTLDR is missing" error, and I have to reboot. The NTLDR file is there,
    because if I set the drives to SATA (instead of RAID), I can boot just
    fine--I just can't access the DATA drives, and end up with two "SERVER"
    drives (C and F).

    Intel's RAID software doesn't load in Windows, and if I try to re-install
    it, it says the system doesn't meet the minimum requirements for installing
    the software. I presume this is because the RAID controller isn't active,
    though the controller chip is obviously on the motherboard.

    I've tried Microsoft's suggestions for "NTLDR is missing" errors
    (, but none of them worked. Again,
    since the NTLDR file is there and I can boot fine when the BIOS is set to
    the "SATA" drive configuration, I believe this error is "bogus" and more
    related to the RAID configuration than anything else. I've seen this before
    when other RAIDs are reset to SATA, but what has worked for me in the past
    isn't working here.

    Should I try one of the other "fakeRAID" implementations on the mobo? There
    are two others (IT8212 and Silicon Image), and Windows has the drivers
    installed for them, but I didn't know if hooking the drives up to the other
    SATA ports on the mobo and using a different RAID "controller" would cause
    problems with the data.

    This is an emergency, so if anyone has any ideas, I'll try them. I need to
    get this running as soon as possible! I can get into Windows as long as I
    don't set the BIOS for RAID, so if you need anything from the Event log,
    please let me know.


    Asus P5AD2-E Premium motherboard
    Intel ICH6R RAID controller
    4 SATA drives: 2 "SERVER" and 2 "DATA" (RAID 1 configuration)
    Steve, Aug 5, 2010
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