RC1 5600 + RC1 5728 will not install

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by b, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. b

    b Guest

    Here are my system specifications:
    K8N Neo4 Motherboard
    AMD 4600 dual core processor
    480 watt PSU
    4 Serial ATA drives 160 gigabytes each
    7950 GX2 EVGA videocard

    I separated my primary partition into one 100 gig which contains my Windows
    XP installation. I have about 55 gigs for Windows Vista that I have named
    the V drive. When attempting the installation into the V drive directly from
    within Windows XP it installs and reboots and starts the installation. On
    approximately 60 percent of the final step I get a blinking cursor at the
    top of the screen. There is hard drive activity so I left it alone. About 10
    minutes later the screen goes dark. I left the Pc alone for an hour and then
    no hard drive activity. Upon a restart Windows Vista attempts to rollback
    and uninstall. If I attempt an install by booting the Windows Vista DVD the
    5600 RC1 can not load even if I install drivers from the Nvidia nzone site
    for vista or drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. The 5728 version
    does the same thing except if I boot up that DVD it recognizes the drives
    but the same thing happens as described above.
    b, Sep 30, 2006
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  2. b

    Jdr Guest

    I have tried it in three different configuration.
    One setting - tried to install RC1 5728 over upgraded earlier from
    Win XP to RC1 5600. This upgrade went as far as expanding files
    and resulted with Blue screen, of STOP Errors.

    Second upgrade from RC1 5600 to RC1 5728. The Vista 5600 had
    been installed from fresh. This upgrade went fine and is working great.

    However the best upgrade and the shortest install 24 minutes only
    on Pentium III 950MHz Medion Asus mobo 128 MB NVidia video card.
    Works great considering that it is only Pentium III.
    Jdr, Sep 30, 2006
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  3. b

    Byte8086 Guest


    I had the same problem as you being that I have a 7950GX2 too. In my opinion
    RC1 has buggy video card drivers, so they will need to be replaced. Here is
    what I did if you are up to it. I have used this to install both RC1 and 5728
    and it worked flawlessly. If you are using the 32-bit version then only use
    nvd3dum.dll, and nvd3dumx.dll per the instructions and it will save you a lot
    of time.

    Phase 1:
    1) Download the latest 96_33 Vista drivers from nvidia
    2) Extract the contents of the driver file to a directory (I used WinRAR for
    3) Open a command window in the driver directory and enter the following:
    mkdir expand
    expand -r nvapi64.dl_ expand\nvapi64.dll
    expand -r nvd3dum.dl_ expand\nvd3dum.dll
    expand -r nvd3dumx.dl_ expand\nvd3dumx.dll
    expand -r nvlddmkm.sy_ expand\nvlddmkm.sys
    (You might just need nvlddmkm.sys, but I replaced the other files as well to
    be sure.)
    You end up with a new directory called expand that contains the files you
    need to replace.

    Phase 2:
    1) Perform a clean install of Vista RC1 on a fresh partition.
    2) Critical After the setup process has expanded the installation files the
    machine will reboot. You must select 'Earlier version of windows' and boot
    back into XP at this stage.

    Phase 3:
    1) Since the Vista files are secured with an SID that XP doesn't know about,
    you need to take ownership of the relevant files.
    2) Turn off simple file-sharing in the Folder View options.
    3) Navigate to <VistaDrive>:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRep ository
    4) If you are using a desktop graphics card, the files that have to be
    changed are in nv_lh.inf_185bb110. It appears that nv_aw.inf_d8327a6a
    contains the files for laptop cards. This fix was performed on a desktop
    altering just the files in the nv_lh directory. If in doubt you can alter
    both sets.
    5) Back up the relevant folder in case you screw something up.
    6) For each of the files to be changed (the files with the same name as the
    ones in the expand directory you created above) right-click, select
    Properties and click the Security tab. Click on Advanced and then Take
    Ownership. Change the owner to the admin account that you are logged on as.
    Click OK. R-click and select Properties->Security again, then click on Add,
    add your account and click Full Control.
    7) Finally, copy the new 96.33 files across to overwrite the old ones.

    Credit goes to "charleski"
    Byte8086, Oct 2, 2006
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