Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by agile132000, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. agile132000

    agile132000 Guest

    I Recently configure RemoteApp on windows 2008R2 using IIS7. when trying to connect from local network it gives me message "Your computer cannot connect to remote computer because Remote desktop Gateway address is unreachable or incorrect".
    Even want to publish it on internet what is the procedure?

    Note: I have not purchase any RDP license yet. Does the message has to anything with Licensing?

    Please help with this.
    agile132000, Jan 30, 2014
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  2. agile132000

    Todd Guest

    Hi Agile

    You get to RDP licenses that log you in as administrator
    for admin purposes only. The rest you have to purchase.
    (In contrast, Linux's XRDP server in completely free.)

    What I would do is trace your RDP port from another
    computer to see where you are getting killed.

    Here is a good utility for Windows (traceroute works
    great for Linux):

    Trace TCP:

    Also, you will need WinPcap (install first):

    Here is sample command line:

    Me personally, if you were going to publish to the
    Internet, I'd mask the port. THe port is found
    in the registry at:


    Then do a TRACETCP from your remote workstation, to

    Todd, Jan 31, 2014
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  3. agile132000

    Todd Guest

    should be "you get two"
    Todd, Jan 31, 2014
  4. agile132000

    agile132000 Guest

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the post, I ill try as what you suggest.I ill come back to you.
    agile132000, Jan 31, 2014
  5. agile132000

    Todd Guest

    If you don't install WinPcap before trying to run TraceTCP
    (and get the nasty note), you have to install WinPcap and
    then reboot
    Todd, Jan 31, 2014
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