Re: The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window yes or

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by PA Bear [MS MVP], Mar 26, 2010.

  1. [Crosspost to IE General]

    Can you give us the URL of a page where you encounter this behavior?

    Always state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; WinXP 64-bit SP2;
    Vista SP1; Vista 64-bit SP2; Win7; Win7 64-bit) as well as your IE version
    when posting in an IE-specific forum or newsgroup. Please do so in your next

    1. Does the behavior persist if you start IE in No Add-ons mode?

    => Start | (All) Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Internet
    Explorer (No add-ons).

    Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer’s (No Add-ons) Mode [Applies to IE7 &
    IE8 in all OSS]

    2. Does the behavior persist if you Reset IE Advanced settings (RIES)?

    3. What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
    subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than Defender)?
    What third-party firewall (if any)? Were any of these applications running
    in the background when you installed IE8?

    4. Has a(nother) Norton or McAfee application ever been installed on this
    machine (e.g., a free-trial version that came preinstalled when you bought

    5. Why hasn't WinXP SP3 been installed by now? Extended Support for WinXP
    (x86) SP2 ends on 13 July 2010. After that date, computers running WinXP
    (x86) SP2 will NOT be offered any further critical security updates,
    Automatic Updates will not work, and Windows Update website will not be
    accessible until SP3 is installed.

    What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Mar 26, 2010
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  2. PA Bear [MS MVP]

    Twayne Guest

    Can't locate it at this moment, but there is an Options
    setting somewhere to control whether that message is shown or
    not. I -think- it's in the same area where you enable/disable
    allowing sites to use your clipboard.

    To the OP: YOu should switch your reader to Plain Text instead
    of HTML. When I first opened this post (I read only in Plain
    Text as many do), there was nothing showing but the Bear's
    response to you; nothing of your post showed until I switched
    it to HTML mode.



    Twayne, Mar 26, 2010
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