Re: Windows Live Messenger will not auto signin

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by RUCKDR, Jul 11, 2009.


    RUCKDR Guest

    Since installing IE8 (XP pro, sp3), and windows updates, Windows Live
    Messenger ( version 2009, build 14.0.8064.206), will no longer
    sign in. The ONLY change in the system, was installing
    IE8, (from IE7) and the Windows Live Messenger stopped signing on
    With every boot or restart, I MUST supply my email and password to
    sign into Windows Live Messenger.
    Remember Me, Remember my Password, and Sign me in Automatically, is not
    RUCKDR, Jul 11, 2009
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  2. Jonathan Kay [MVP], Jul 11, 2009
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    Bigsteve Guest

    Bigsteve, Jul 13, 2009

    Ruckdr Guest

    Thanks for the link an for the tool to fix my problem - It DID fix the
    Whatever you did in the fix, should be integrated with IE8 installations
    (i.e. Microsoft, since it appears they screwed it up).
    Thanks Again,
    Ruckdr, Jul 13, 2009

    Musti-iq Guest

    It works man...
    thank you
    Musti-iq, Jul 22, 2009

    axxxtw Guest

    Your fix is not working for me. Windows Live Messenger retains my email
    address as well as my password, but I must manually sign in. The correct box
    is checked in Options (Allow automatic sign in when connected to the

    XP Home (SP3). All updates. NO Yahoo, Google or anything else toolbar.
    Any ideas, please?
    axxxtw, Jul 25, 2009

    Shedbloke Guest

    I installed Yahoo messenger recently, but hated it! so uninstalled it and
    that's when I had this problem even though I never installed the toolbar.
    Your fix worked great!
    Thank you
    Shedbloke, Aug 8, 2009

    Jimbo Guest

    This did not work for me. I do not have any toolbars other than Google. On
    top of that, IE is not my primary / default browser.

    I'm running Win7 x64 HP with WLM 2009 build 14.0.8089.726.
    Jimbo, Mar 4, 2010


    What did not work for you? You aren't quoting anything from what must be
    an old thread. Meanwhile the MS Communities search index is FUBAR so
    nobody there can know either. Someone else who is willing to dig out some
    context from Google Groups or by using a Message-ID from your References:
    header may be able to figure out what you are referring to.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Mar 4, 2010
  10. RUCKDR

    MadAdaM Guest

    @axxxtw - I have the same issue. Username and password are both saved, yet,
    despite selecting "allow automatic sign in when connected" I must manually
    click to sign in. Did you find any solution to this?
    MadAdaM, May 22, 2010
  11. RUCKDR


    Sep 19, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I have the same problem.
    When I start my PC, Mesenger is started, but it does NOT sign me in automatically.

    Sign me in automatically is 'on'
    Messenger remembers my login and password. (when I start Messenger myself, then it DOES sign me in automatically)

    I uninstalled Messenger, installed a newer version (beta version2011, Built 15.4.3002.810) and still have the same problem.
    I uninstalled Messenger and selected 'Repair'. Still it won't sign me in automatically when i boot my pc.

    I got a feeling it could have something to do with Messenger starting up to fast (during PC boot up), so the network is not online yet, resulting in Messenger not being able to sign-in. (I have a Solid State Intel X25-E harddisk, giving very fast boot-up time)
    I run Windows 7 Ultimate (with classic shell installed)

    Windows 7 is S... I liked XP so much more.
    Why did M$ have to change the whole user interface ?
    - Control panel is so big, it looks like the internet space command center.
    - Windows explorer uses more space to display a file or folder then the starship 'Endeavour'
    - 'UP' button missing.
    - Start menu is terrible.
    - Getting permission to run a downloaded .exe file needs MS approved engineering knowledge of reverse cracking.
    - I can go on for ever, but lets solve the Messenger Sign-in bug first :)
    robbie303, Sep 19, 2010
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