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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by William, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. William

    William Guest

    I figured the "Windows Experience Index" base score of 3.6 (graphics) was
    somewhat on the low side, as all the other scores were closer to five. Then
    I read a blurb about "Readybost" and my heart rate went up with the
    excitement. I quickly slipped in a 2.0 GB Sandisk memory card, followed the
    prompts then refreshed the WEI index to a surprise... WEI dropped from 3.6
    to 2.0 and in the bargain, I lost the transparent windows switching Aero
    feature completely (which I love).

    I spent the better part of day trying to figure out how to get my
    performance back to 3.6 and restore the use of Aero, but to no avail.
    Restore, that's the key word here at this point. I wasted my time all day
    and finally ran Windows Restore to put my computer back to it's original

    If anyone has had a similar experience or has used Readyboost successfully,
    I'd appreciate hearing what you went through.


    PS. My new Dell Inspiron E1705 notebook was configured with 2.0 GB RAM from
    the factory. I should add that I am no stranger to the computer. I have been
    in the industry for twenty years.
    William, Feb 17, 2007
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  2. William

    Paul Smith Guest

    It's not surprising for a Notebook to have a low-end graphics card compared
    to the rest of the hardware.

    ReadyBoost won't have any effect on graphics performance, its moving parts
    of the page file to a USB drive rather than having the whole thing on the
    hard drive.

    Paul Smith,
    Yeovil, UK.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

    *Remove nospam. to reply by e-mail*
    Paul Smith, Feb 17, 2007
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  3. William

    Byron Hinson Guest

    As Paul said - ReadyBoost won't improve or change any aspect of graphical
    performance. Notebooks are well known for low scoring graphics - what card
    does it have in it?
    Byron Hinson, Feb 17, 2007
  4. William

    William Guest

    So if Readyboost doesn't have any effect on graphics as you say, how do you
    explain the drop from 3.6 to 2.0 in the graphics WEI index?
    William, Feb 17, 2007
  5. William

    AJR Guest

    William - Again your point is that the index for graphics was 3.6 prior to
    "activating" ReadyBoost. Now it is it now 2.0 - same graphics card.

    However the index seems to, at times, have a mind of it's own - goes up and
    down seemingly at will!
    AJR, Feb 17, 2007
  6. William

    William Guest

    256MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 HyperMemory

    William, Feb 17, 2007
  7. William

    Paul Smith Guest

    I'd explain it as the system being under load when you ran the performance
    test. From say caching data to the USB drive.

    But without more information its hard to know exactly why.

    Paul Smith,
    Yeovil, UK.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

    *Remove nospam. to reply by e-mail*
    Paul Smith, Feb 18, 2007
  8. Did you chance your Powerplay Settings?
    Because if I set the ATI Powerplay Settings to Optimal Battery Life my WEI
    dropped also from 3.8 to 2.0.
    I have a IBM T60 with a ATI X1400

    Markus Herrmann, Feb 18, 2007
  9. William

    Byron Hinson Guest

    Well its not going to get any higher than 3.6 I wouldn't say. I'd say adjust
    your settings with the ReadyBoost stick in as it really can't lower the
    graphical performance, other tests would be - make sure you have the laptop
    connected to the AC adapter when you run the tests as the card may have run
    in a lower powered mode.
    Byron Hinson, Feb 18, 2007
  10. Nice system, by the sound of it, as at Feb 2007...
    That is extremely bizzarre.

    Was there anything on the USB stick that may have autorun?
    This is IMO a significant issue, and we'd all benefit if we get to the
    bottom of it. I could understand how memory performance metrics may
    have been clobbered if the USB was seen as memory, or if some race
    condition arose between ititing the ReadyBoost and testing the memory
    subsystem performance.

    It's less easy to see how graphics would break... though I can see one
    possibility; confusion as to how much RAM was available to the
    shared-memory on-board graphics, e.g...

    "How much memory is there?"
    ' 2G RAM + 3G pagefile = 5G '
    (ReadyBoost inits at this point)
    "How much memory is in use?"
    ' 1.75G RAM + 1.5G Readiboost + 3G pagefile = 6.25G '
    "OK; that means SVGA has -1.25G, we need +32M; No Aero!!"

    ....or something like that, tho AFAIK ReadiBoost simply backs existing
    pagefile etc. as a fast-seek cache, rather than extends it in capacity
    No worries... what mobo/SVGA chipset is it?

    Saws are too hard to use.
    Be easier to use!
    cquirke (MVP Windows shell/user), Feb 18, 2007
  11. I'd say it is more because the USB drive he had was low end but ready boost
    capable and thus dragged performance down in total according to the ratings.
    Diamontina Cocktail, Feb 18, 2007
  12. William

    Squibbly Guest

    the only problem i am having is vista recognising that i got readyboost
    flash drive though it does start flashing up on start up, but there is no
    readyboost tab on the properties sheet, though since i have been through the
    setup stage, am i correct in assuming that it is working and therefore
    doesnt need a tab?
    Squibbly, Feb 19, 2007
  13. William

    William Guest

    Squibbly: God only knows if it's working as there does not seem to be an
    easy way to confirm it. In my case the Readyboost tab disappeared as well.
    Run WEI to see if performance has improved as a result of Readyboost; this
    might give you an indication. In my case, performance figures dropped, so I
    uninstalled Readyboost. -William
    William, Feb 19, 2007
  14. William

    Squibbly Guest

    my figures have stayed the same with 4.0 being the overall index, is that
    fast or slow? or even inbetween,
    Squibbly, Feb 19, 2007
  15. William

    William Guest

    Squibbly: If 4.0 is your WEI, then 4.0 is the lowest figure and an excellent
    performance figure from what I understand. My system works very well and my
    WEI is just 3.6
    William, Feb 20, 2007
  16. William

    Rock Guest

    the only problem i am having is vista recognising that i got readyboost
    The ReadyBoost tab on the properties sheet for the flash drive doesn't
    disappear once ReadyBoost is running. I don't know why it did for you. To
    see if ReadyBoost is running open the Reliability and Performance Monitor,
    expand the Disk Section and sort by Writes. You should see writes by the
    System PID 4 to <drive letter>:\Readyboost.sfcache where drive letter is the
    letter for the drive where Readyboost is enabled.
    Rock, Feb 26, 2007
  17. William

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> "Paul
    I'd hazard a guess that the laptop has USB and graphics on the same chip
    (likely a fat northbridge), and when ReadyBoost is running it drags down
    the performance of the graphics (and likely other) components too as
    ReadyBoost puts a fair amount of load on the USB chipset.
    DevilsPGD, Feb 26, 2007
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