Recent Updates to IE7.0 Causing Various Problems...

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Infoman, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Infoman

    Infoman Guest

    for example, now, on many sites, it seems to not interface with Windows Media
    Player. Also, interface to MS OUTLOOK 2007 doesn't work - "default client
    not properly configured...".

    Funny, for the longest time, neither of these were a problem at all. And
    they both work fine on Firefox.

    Anyone have any ideas? It would be really difficult to isolate this down to
    any particular IE update, and I don't want to have the hassle of uninstalling
    each one and then testing - HOPEFULLY I won't have to do that.


    Infoman, Jun 17, 2007
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  2. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Hi, I'm not understanding what you're saying. Would you mind clarifying the

    Troubleshooting Outlook configuration problems

    Did all updates go well or were there errors during the installation?

    Check your Windows Update Log. Scroll to the bottom for current entries and
    post back any error messages recorded.

    Click Start, click Run, type %windir%\windowsupdate.log

    Are there Errors listed in Event Viewer that would lead to more insight?
    Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. Click the + next to Event
    Viewer to expand the menu. Click on Applications. Are there errors listed
    that would coincide with the issue (timewise)? Click on System. Are there
    errors listed that would coincide with the issue (timewise) ?
    Gistcheckin, Jun 18, 2007
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  3. Infoman

    Infoman Guest


    Well, the initial problem is that clicking an email link in a browser,
    instead of opening Outlook (IE is configued with Outlook as default email
    program), it gives me an error message - something about "default email
    client not properly configured) - makes no sense, as it's been running fine
    until this problem occurred very recently. Researching this, I learned that
    my Outlook registry keys may be corrupted, so with the advice written, I
    deleted them - now running MSO diagnostics, then, if all else fails, I will
    try to reinstall (repair, hopefully) Outlook and see what happens.


    Infoman, Jun 18, 2007
  4. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Thank you.
    Start>Set Program Access To Defaults
    Click on Custom Button
    Are these Settings the Same? If not, select the defaults you wish to use.
    Click Ok

    If those settings are fine, Check in Tools>Internet Options>Programs Tab
    Ensure Outlook is Selected as Email

    With new updates it changes to Microsoft Office Outlook.
    Gistcheckin, Jun 18, 2007
  5. Infoman

    Infoman Guest


    Program tab is set to "Microsoft Outlook". "SET PROGRAM DEFAULT" was set at
    "use my default email program" - only has an option for that and Outlook
    Express - and problem still exists.

    Infoman, Jun 18, 2007
  6. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Gistcheckin, Jun 18, 2007
  7. Infoman

    Infoman Guest


    Actually, I am using MS Outlook 2007. Any repair kit around for that?


    Infoman, Jun 18, 2007
  8. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Gistcheckin, Jun 18, 2007

  9. Go to Start, Run - Type in the following with quotation marks and press OK
    "C:\program files\microsoft office\office\outlook.exe" /checkclient
    For more information on Outlook see:
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Jun 18, 2007
  10. Infoman

    Infoman Guest

    Hi, Frank - and this is for GISTCHECKIN as well, who has been very helpful (I
    didn't want to post the same reply twice :) )...

    Well, on a hunch, I completely uninstalled and reinstalled MS OFFICE 2007,
    which, of course, includes Outlook. Outlook is fine and it's NOT the problem
    here. I am really thinking now that my IE 7 is corrupted, and THAT's what
    needs to be repaired.

    STILL getting the "default client not configured..." message when clicking
    an email link in the browser. Also, STILL getting "Windows cannot find the a
    path....appropriate permissions" error message on my temp internet files
    folder when I download a program and select RUN vs. SAVE.

    SO...short of installing a fresh copy of Windows XP, which, if it comes down
    to that, I have SO much on my PC that I will live with copy/pasting the email
    addresses and saving vs. running downloads, any good way to repair a corrupt
    IE 7.0 without losing anything?


    Infoman, Jun 19, 2007
  11. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    Gistcheckin, Jun 19, 2007
  12. Infoman

    Infoman Guest

    Thanks, "Gist"!

    I was actually going to uninstall IE7 (doing full PC backup right now for
    last 30 minutes)...I assume that I should run these repair things after
    uninstalling, and then reinstall IE 7? That's what I am getting out of your
    reply. Of course, When it's temporarily back to IE6, I'm going to test these
    two problems, just for the record.

    When all is done, I will reply back with results.

    You've been a great help!


    Infoman, Jun 19, 2007
  13. Infoman

    Infoman Guest

    By the way, I am PRAYING that it doesn't come down to a recovery console
    repair of XP. What a hassle - I have been down that road before. ;-)

    Infoman, Jun 19, 2007
  14. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    You can do the steps listed in the first document (Index.dat file) without
    uninstalling IE7. Steps listed in the Second Repair Installation Doc - you
    will have to uninstall IE7 before beginning.

    You're welcome and let us know.
    Gistcheckin, Jun 19, 2007
  15. Infoman

    Infoman Guest

    Well, it turns out, didn't have do even delete index.dat. It was simply
    uninstalling IE7 and reinstalling. It took most of the night, but everything
    is fine now.

    Thanks for all your help!

    Infoman, Jun 19, 2007

  16. Turn off any anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Uninstall Windows
    Internet Explorer 7 from Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs.

    Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs
    Removing Windows Internet Explorer 7 returns you to IE6.

    How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7

    Before installing IE7 see

    Error message when you try to install Internet Explorer 7: "Internet
    Explorer could not be installed"
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Jun 19, 2007
  17. Infoman

    Gistcheckin Guest

    As simple as all that, huh? lol You're welcome.
    Gistcheckin, Jun 19, 2007
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