Recognizing dial up modem

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by OverlordYertle, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. I'm setting up my virtual machine to act as a server for my dreamcast.
    Now it can be done in windows 98 but not xp so i set up a virtual machine.
    I've gotten it to work in 98 before, but never with the virtual machine.

    I dont believe its recognizing the modem at all. In the settings of the
    console under Com1 i set it to physical serial of com3 which is what xp says
    the modem is. But when i tell it to start monitoring it says "no connection"
    and that the modem is probably not connected at all. I have all the correct
    drivers installed in the 98 machine but i think i might be telling the system
    the wrong thing?

    Thanks for your time.
    OverlordYertle, Mar 30, 2007
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  2. OverlordYertle

    Bo Berglund Guest

    Is the modem hooked to a *real* com: port on the host?

    In my experience the VPC2007 virtualization of the host's com: ports
    to the guest is not working correctly. In VPC2004 it did work but
    there is a bug somewhere that makes the virtualized com: port in the
    guest function only partially in VPC2007.

    What I found was that the port can in fact be opened by software on
    the guest and that data can be sent out. But when a response arrives
    it does not correctly fire a Windows event for the guest software to
    react on and thus it does not see that data are there.
    Since I write the guest software myself I could check this by changing
    the software around. I introduced a timer event that fires every 100
    ms in the guest software and in the event procedure I poll the com:
    port for data and process any found characters just like I would have
    done in the original OnDataReceived event. This made my application
    recognize the incoming data!

    So I think this is a VPC2007 bug, which I filed and it was recognized
    as such by the team. Unfortunately it was too late in the dev cycle so
    it was not corrected in the release version....

    Bo Berglund
    Bo Berglund, Mar 31, 2007
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