Recommend ASUS Board for vista x64 with 4G of RAM

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by tommiy, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    Does anyone have a recommendation here? I don;t require an extreme MB
    with all the gadgets just a nice reliable run of the mill mb that will
    run vista x64 with 4g of ram properly.

    Before anyone asks why ASUS well because in the past they have been
    reliable for me. I ventured into a gigabyte board when vista came out
    and have regretted it in time and money ever since. See one of my other
    threads but the short answer is I want to stay with ASUS...even if it
    costs me more...I want something that works.

    tommiy, Sep 22, 2007
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  2. tommiy

    PvdG42 Guest

    I'm an Asus fan for the same reason. Eight boards over 4 years with no
    serious issues and zero failures.

    Do you have a processor preference (AMD 64 X2, Intel Core 2 Duo, etc)?
    PvdG42, Sep 22, 2007
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  3. tommiy

    scrooge Guest

    i'm using the (p5n-e sli) board and it seems to
    be fine for me . the only thing i found out is
    D O N ' T update your (bios) cause the one online
    is a (beta). with the beta for some reason you can't
    use 4gig unless you install with 2gig and then add the
    other 2gig? but i went back to the shiped bios and
    the install was fine with 4gig . also if your a overclocker
    this board rocks ... i'm using the intel e6320 (1.86) and
    some pny 667 memory and this thing lets me boost it up from
    1.86 to 3.30 with stock fan and no trouble at all.i got the
    board at if you want one . also i'm using vista 64bit
    home pre.
    scrooge, Sep 22, 2007
  4. tommiy

    tommiy Guest

    sorry should have said I have a intel 6420.

    Yes my first venture away from asus in 10+ years to gigabyte was a
    disaster....completely. All the time with asus I never had a issue or
    even a problem that I had to contact them over or even had a single
    failure. Time to return wasted enough trying something else....
    tommiy, Sep 23, 2007
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