Recommended TV card to support a Digital Set top box (Ireland). Vi

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Colm (Ireland), Sep 27, 2007.

  1. I've Vista Ultimate on a HP Media centre PC.
    I've an Nvidia 7500 video card and i connect it to a 50" plasma via DVI.
    I use the PC mainly for the media centre TV functions. I watch/control my TV
    through the PC
    The TV card has just blown.

    I have cable tv into a digital set top box and will connect the TV out of
    the box to a new TV card. (Im based in Ireland, so only cards that support
    UK/Ireland STB's please)
    1. Whats the best TV card to support this configuration? (I would like a
    twin tuner unit)
    2. Any recommendations on whether to replace my video card to get a better
    TV picture? (currently my TV picture quite frequently locks up for a min or
    two, plus th eimage is a litttle to grainey).
    All tips appreciated!!
    Colm (Ireland), Sep 27, 2007
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