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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by braves1212, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. braves1212

    braves1212 Guest

    deleted a file from my external HDD and it appeared in the bin[9.7Mb] it
    won't empty and it won't restore.
    Problem is it won't let me empty recycle bin when other files are in
    there,I have to delete them with the mouse in blocks.
    File is called "New" and I believe it's part of a backup I made to the
    external HDD before cancelling it half way through.
    Any ideas?thanks if you can
    braves1212, Feb 26, 2008
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  2. braves1212

    olfart Guest

    disconnect the ext HDD and boot into Safe mode
    olfart, Feb 26, 2008
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  3. braves1212

    braves1212 Guest

    thanks for that,I'll get on to i,.glad you took the time to help me.regards
    braves1212, Feb 27, 2008
  4. braves1212

    braves1212 Guest

    thanks also I'll check it out although I think it may be sorted.
    I saved all the files from the Ex.HDD then formatted it.
    After reboot the problem was gone.Thanks again.
    braves1212, Feb 29, 2008
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