Reinstall Intranet component (companyweb) after SP1 installation

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by J-Rock, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. J-Rock

    J-Rock Guest

    I recently installed Windows Small Business Server 2003 (no service packs) on
    a new PowerEdge server. After installing from the original CD's, I
    downloaded the full SP1 update (Windows Server 2003, Exchange, SharePoint,
    Small Business SP1, etc.). Somehow in the process the intranet component got
    messed up (the result of another user trying to "tweak" the server) and so I
    was left with no option but to completely remove the companyweb and intranet
    component, and try to reinstall it just like it originally was. I followed
    the steps in the Microsoft KB Support article
    ( Everything went as described,
    except when I try to reinstall the intranet component using the Small
    Business Server 2003 change/modify setup feature, I get an error message
    stating my "Disc 3" is old without any service packs, and it needs a newer CD
    in order to continue the installation. My original CD set obviously is
    without the service pack 1, and thererfore the setup rejects it (since I
    installed the SP1). I have tried extracting the files from the SP1 package
    and it contains a folder labeled "Disc3" which I assume corresponds to what
    would be the actual SP1 disc 3. I have tried directing the setup program to
    the SP1 disc3 folder, but it rejects it, stating the same error message (both
    on a hard disk, network drive, or actual CD). So, I am left with what seems
    to be no way to reinstall the intranet component. If I cancel the request in
    setup for a different location (to a newer disc), the setup completely fails
    and nothing gets installed. I have tried every KB article on the Microsoft
    site relating to removing, installing, or backing up the intranet,
    companyweb, and sharepoint services. Nothing seems to address what to do if
    you have already installed SP1 on the machine and need to reinstall the
    intranet component. Any ideas?

    I suppose worst comes to worst I could always purchase a new set of Windows
    Small Business Server 2003 CD's, but that seems like a waste of money since I
    already paid for the original version without service packs.

    J-Rock, Feb 22, 2006
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