Reinstalling Office after Reinstalling Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by PepsiChap, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. PepsiChap

    PepsiChap Guest

    I have an authentic copy of Office Home and Student 2007.
    It is installed on my top, and I have recently installed it on my desktop as
    well (running on Vista).
    A few days back, I had serious problems with Vista and I had to re-install
    it (clean install). As a result, the Office was completely erased.

    Now I want to re-install office, but my worry is that if I do that, I will
    again lose the last of the three licenses, even though I am re-installing on
    the same computer.

    How can I re-install Office without losing the license again for the same

    Thank you,
    PepsiChap, Aug 1, 2009
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  2. PepsiChap

    Malke Guest

    Don't worry about it. Just go ahead and install it. I don't think you'll
    have an activation problem but if you do, call the telephone number that
    will be provided and explain. Your software will get activated.

    Malke, Aug 1, 2009
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  3. PepsiChap

    PepsiChap Guest

    Hello Malke,
    Thanks for your feedback. I will do as advised and will let you know what
    the outcome is..

    Have a good day.

    PepsiChap, Aug 2, 2009
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