Reliability and Peformance Monitor conflict with Security Center ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Fierce1, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Fierce1

    Fierce1 Guest

    Hi ... I'm running Vista Home Premium (32bit) and everything works great,
    except for an occasional Window's up-date issue, but that's not an issue

    My issue is that Vista's Security Center ( Malware protection) states Virus
    Protection is On and Avira Antivir PersonalEdition is up to date and virus
    scanning is on, but when I generate a 60 second Reliability and Performance
    Monitor report, RPM's report states that " The Security Center has not
    recorded an anti-virus product." and the cause is that " The Security Center
    is unable to identify an active anti-virus applicatin. Either there is no
    anti-virus product installed or it it not recognized. "

    ... but Security Center does recognize my AV and gives it a " Green for GO
    ", so what's the problem with the Performance and reliability Monitor ??? ...
    Fierce1, Jul 12, 2008
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