Remote Control and Using TV to view what is on my computer

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by DanAllen, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. DanAllen

    DanAllen Guest

    First off, once again, thank you JW... MCE 2005 is working, and burning to
    DVD's really quickly without any problems, well a few minor ones but i will
    work it out. Now, how do I use the MCE remote control. Remember, I am
    using a TV upstairs, the STB is downstairs and I am on channel 23 on the tv.
    I can use my normal remote and it works fine. When I attempt to use the MCE
    remote it just changes my channels from 23 to the next one and i lose signal
    and i have to go back to 23 and use the normal remote to change channels.
    But i do not know the steps to configure the MCE remote. Secondly, how do
    use the tv to show my pictures, video, and can i use it to see what i am
    looking at on my computer monitor? what do i connect to do this?
    DanAllen, Mar 18, 2006
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  2. DanAllen

    JW Guest

    You need a device set like the one in the following link which recieves the
    IR signal from your MCE remote when you are upstairs and broadcasts to the
    other device downstairs so that it can be received by your MCE IR receiver
    downstairs. I first used one of these about 8 years ago to do exactly what
    you want to do to control my DirecTV TV STB.

    In order to actually run MCE applications upstairs you would need what is
    called an MCE Extender which costs and you also need a home network router
    to use. If you have an XBOX game system it is capable of acting as MCE
    Extender or MCX also.
    JW, Mar 18, 2006
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  3. DanAllen

    JW Guest

    After writing the above I realized that a better solution is:
    Get an IR repeater like the one I gave you the link to but instead of using
    it to remote the MCE IR remote use it to remote the actual STBs remote from
    upstairs that way you can sitll control the STB when downstaris using the
    MCE remote and IR emitter but you don't need to bring it upstairs to change
    the change the channels of the STB. MCE has not idea your are doing this
    when you are upstairs.
    First make sure that the IR emitter placed in front of the the STBs IR does
    not block your STB remote from still being able to control the STB
    indepently from MCE
    JW, Mar 18, 2006
  4. DanAllen

    Jason Tsang Guest

    An even better idea would be to get an extender device, as it is designed to
    address this type of usage scenario.
    Jason Tsang, Mar 19, 2006
  5. DanAllen

    DanAllen Guest

    Sounds good, i will have to order it this weekend.... now what about viewing
    pics and videos and what is on my pc on my tv? will the s-video out handle
    that? if so, is there anything special i do when i go into MCE to let it
    know i want to watch it on the tv and pc?
    DanAllen, Mar 19, 2006
  6. DanAllen

    DanAllen Guest

    Well JW, I figured out the TV thing,, I had to get a S-video to rca converter
    and then plug everything into the TV. It should work I believe. I just
    bought the rca cables to reach the TV from the PC. Secondly... remember, I
    don't have a second STB upstairs on the the TV, it is controlled by a
    separate remote. Once the TV is on Channel 23, then I recieve the signal
    to the TV and it is separate and apart from the TV downstairs... Everytime
    I record something and burn it to a DVD, then it always has what ever is
    playing on Channel 23 as the title. So I need to teach my Remote to change
    the channels on the PC. I did burn one DVD the other day, and it played
    great on the PC, but I had no sound on the regular DVD player? any ideas?
    DanAllen, Mar 22, 2006
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