Renaming, deleting, moving and search problems

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Rafi, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Rafi

    Rafi Guest

    So basically, whenever I try and delete or move a file (I'm assuming the
    deleting problem is rooted in the moving problem, since deletion is just
    moving to the recylcing bin), that progress bar either fills up the entire
    way and doesn't go, or it just keeps calculating how long it will take or
    w/e, and that light green bar that hyperactively keeps moving, well, keeps
    moving and never ends. I have to restart explorer.exe from the task manager,
    and then when I go back it's all done. So I can delete and move files, but
    that progress bar just never leaves.

    When I rename a file, the window I do it in locks up. So if it is desktop,
    the desktop locks up. If it is my personal folder, the personal folder locks
    up. Like moving/deleting, I have to restart explorer.exe.

    I downloaded Unlocker, and it told me none of my files are locked up. I can
    delete stuff with it just fine, but that's because it deletes it off the face
    of the earth, and not move it to the recycling bin. The same problem happens
    when I move it though, but when I rename a file using it, the moving problem
    occurs (bar fills up, and just stops).

    This is a huge problem, because it means I can't delete files using
    non-explorer programs (like mediamonkey), and it also means that everytime
    someone sends me something through MSN, my MSN locks up because it tries to
    move the file. Also, when I install some things, it can't fully install
    because it can either not delete a file, or it can't move it.

    Also, Windows Search doesn't work at all. When I clic on Search in the start
    menu, the window just freezes. Same thing happens when I do in-folder

    So yeah, thanks.
    Rafi, Jun 5, 2008
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