REPEATED Problems with WinUpdate / 0x80072EE2

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Man Above Time, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Hello --

    I am repeatedly having to trash my SoftwareDistribution folder to get
    Windows Update to work. I continue to get Error Message "0x80072EE2" with no
    seeming pattern.

    Further, I am also having frequent but not consistent trouble accessing
    Yahoo! Mail -- the page just sits there after I attempt to log in, or, if I
    get past that point, when I try to access Inbox or any other folder. I
    believe these two issues to be related.

    I am NOT running a software Firewall besides the XP Firewall (turning off
    has no effect). I am not running any other program which should interfere
    with accessing WU or Yahoo! Mail.

    The problem seems isolated to one computer. We have a wireless router
    (ZyXel P-300) and only the hardwired main computer has trouble; the laptop
    and kids' computer (both running XP, both using wireless APs) have no trouble
    whatsoever with WU or Yahoo! Mail.

    I have tried the all the "basics": Trusted Sites listings, MTU adjustments,
    etc., etc., etc. -- ALL of the "solutions" offered for error message

    PLEASE, PLEASE suggest a PERMANENT fix to this ongoing problem. Thank you.
    Man Above Time, Oct 2, 2005
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  2. The 0x80072ee2 error is an INTERNET TIMEOUT error. This seems consistent
    with the behavior you have observed trying to access your Yahoo! Mail, and,
    as such, would suggest that the problem is not with your Datastore -- thus I
    would suggest abandoning any future activities involving deletion of the
    SoftwareDistribution folder.

    The problem is quite possibly related directly to your wireless router.
    Since you state that the only computer experiencing problems is the
    hardwired computer, have you considered the possibility that the hub/switch
    in the ZyXel P-300 is defective? What happens if you substitute a different
    hub/switch/router between your Internet connection and the hardwired main
    computer? What happens if you simply try a different /port/ on the ZyXel

    Also, have you performed any diagnostics on the NIC installed in the
    hardwired computer? Perhaps it is defective?? I would suggest:
    (a) verifying that the NIC installed in the hardwired computer has the
    /latest/ drivers available from the manufacturer's website, and
    (b) if that does not resolve the issue, trying a different NIC.

    Finally, it is also possible that the cable connecting the hardwired
    computer to the ZyXel hub/switch is defective.

    While I've presented these ideas in the order I thought of them, the order
    in which it would be easiest to perform diagnostics would be:

    (1) Verify you have the lastest NIC driver installed on the hardwired
    computer. If not, install it.

    (2) Inspect the network cable connecting the computer to the ZyXel. Try a
    different cable, preferably a known-working cable, but a brand new retail
    cable would be the next best option.

    (3) Plug the known-working cable into a different port of the ZyXel wireless

    (4) Substitute a different NIC in the computer.

    (5) Substitute a different wireless router, or router/hub/switch for the
    Lawrence Garvin, Oct 3, 2005
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  3. Thanks for taking the time to offer this advice. Unfortunately, these fixes
    offer no change for what's happening. Drivers updated (I had current), port
    changed, all settings checked. Deleting SoftwareDistribution corrected the
    WU problem once again, despite trying these other fixes.

    I'm pretty certain there is some sort of issue within XP on this computer
    that is causing the problem. I'm just hoping I can find out where it is.
    Man Above Time, Oct 3, 2005
  4. After many days of frustration and lots of useless "fixes," I finally was
    directed to the CORRECT solution by a ZyXel tech this morning.

    I was directed to where I downloaded a program
    called Dr. TCP. With Dr. TCP, I was able to change the max MTU (Maximum
    Transmission Unit) setting within Win XP to match my router's maximum MTU

    Both Windows Update and Yahoo! Mail are now flying. :)
    Man Above Time, Oct 12, 2005
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