Replying to Newsgroup - copying the message replying to

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Butler DJ, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. Butler DJ

    Butler DJ Guest

    When I reply to a newsgroup and I have the box unchecked that puts the reply
    at the bottom, I notice the reply gets stuffed partway inbetween the
    message. The header is captured on what could only be called a toolbar? and
    the curser is placed below it. Therefore the reply looks like this

    Excuse-me for my stupid question and waste your time to reply. I don't see
    this options.

    Notice that Frank Saunders sent a reply to a message, and then a reply was
    sent back and it looks like Frank sent the reply, but it was Diego.

    When I check the box to put replies at the bottom of the message this does
    not happen, but the first few lines disappear until I use the arrow key to
    move up and then they appear. There is no scroll bar in the reply area.

    I have also noticed when I choose "new" message (When I started to create
    this one) there was an area below the subject line that looked like part of
    the space between the subject line and this box to type in. When I entered a
    subject and pressed tab a couple of times, it shrunk down to the appropriate
    size for a standard message window. The window didn't resize, just this text
    area I am typing in. That area below the subject line is the area I am
    referring to that captures the first few lines of a message that you reply
    to and does not allow you to access it unless you have chosen to reply at
    the bottom option.

    What's up with this? A known bug?

    Butler DJ, Jul 24, 2006
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