Reposition/resize IE7 toolbars/menus?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by dave, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. dave

    Endo Guest

    Not happy with the fixed positions of pages on IE7 either. With IE6 I could
    have my favorites showing at all times beside my home page and that allowed
    my home page to sit in the middle of my screen for ease of viewing. With IE7
    it seems to be STUCK to the left side of my monitor and I can't
    reposition.....and it takes another step to get favs list. I'm not liking IE7
    so far.
    It also caused my photo editing program to jam. (Picture Project by Nikon).
    I'm going back to IE6 until this program is a little more user friendly.
    Guess that's why this is a Beta version.
    Endo, Oct 23, 2006
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  2. dave

    Froghair Guest

    Dave, I have to concur with you and will be watching your post for answers. I
    have been trying to create a Subject myelf about the "i" and "l" letters all
    being red in IE7 menues and text, and I'll be damned if I can find the
    Subject line to do so after signing in and selecting New Question. How'd you
    do that?
    Froghair, Nov 1, 2006
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  3. Hi folks!

    I am also still wondering why they have restringed this fine feature.
    I can not understand why they put the "Back"/"Forward" buttons fixed
    at the upper left corner of the window, far away from the "browsing
    For example, I do not even use my mouse anymore with IE7. I is faster
    and wiser to use hotkeys.
    If you don't know which they are, I will not tell you. ASK M$'s
    They might be wishing, that many many people contact them about it.

    Be happy, you have FIXED menu-bars !!!


    Alexandre Heil Franca, Nov 1, 2006
  4. dave

    Sotong Guest

    I have moved the Menu Bar to the top left position which is above the address
    bar using the following fix suggested by Sandi. It went well. However,
    there's no fix for that stupid Toolbar fixated on the right and that
    ridiculous long address/search bar that took up one full line!

    I like to align my IE like this => Menu bar, then Toolbar, then address bar
    all in one line. I close/remove unnecessary items like search bar, or links
    etc. and followed by a second line free for all tabs (big enough to contain
    20 or more tabs at one time). With only two lines used instead of three, it
    will give me more viewing area too. I hate viewing in full screen mode as it
    makes navigation between applications slow & tedious.

    I'm really disappointed with IE7. Nothing innovative nor practical nor has
    any ingenuity. In fact, MS has gone backward - shame on you. Who on earth
    designed this bloody thing?!

    Anyway, I'll dump IE for good and get back to my beloved Firefox. I only
    used IE for those websites who don't open properly in Firefox but this has
    already been fixed with an add-on extension in Firefox.

    Good luck to those people who still believed in IE. IE to me is like a
    beautiful paperweight that you put on your desk - looks great but does
    nothing except taking up space.


    Subject: Re: Menubar Location in IE7 10/28/2006 8:17 PM PST

    By: Sandi - Microsoft MVP In:

    You can move the toolbar using GPEDIT.MSC if you so wish, or you can edit
    the registry directly (Bindar's tool will automate it for you):
    Sotong, Nov 2, 2006
  5. dave

    Xigam Guest

    Anyway, I'll dump IE for good and get back to my beloved Firefox. I only

    Which extension are you using?
    Xigam, Nov 2, 2006
  6. I couldn't care less about Tabs! I have perfectly good tabs at the bottom of
    the browser. I don't want "Live Search" and I want to be able to delete the
    little star and "add to favorites" logos. I also would like to move my home
    icon up next to my menu bar to get rid of the third line altogether. I will
    go back to using ie6. I don't understand why it was so important to add
    TABS. I prefer the customizability of my tool and menu bars. Can I say it
    enough? I couldn't care less about TABS. I also find the fact that nobody
    from the IE design team or anybody from microsoft has an email or feedback
    link to complain to frustrating. They just give us this form to complain
    amongst ourselves. So that they needn't be bothered with our petty
    complaints. Microsoft will do what they want to do and that is the end of
    the story. We can either choose to deal with their flawed design schemes or
    go to a different browser. Microsoft doesn't care what the average user
    leparparatrooper, Nov 2, 2006
  7. dave

    Sotong Guest

    Hi Xigam, it is the IE Tab extension. It requires you to "switch
    rendering engine" which allows you to toggle between IE and Firefox within
    Firefox browser.
    Sotong, Nov 2, 2006
  8. dave

    freebird4155 Guest

    THANK YOU!!! I could care less about tabs also. I really don't like this new
    version. I REALLY don't like being told that it takes up less space when it
    takes more, that it is full of customization options which it isn't, and
    finally, I don't like the fact that I am forced into using it or find another
    browser. .....
    freebird4155, Nov 3, 2006
  9. dave

    Gladiator Guest

    I agree! The complete lack of human factors design, particularly in the IE7
    toolbars, is astounding! What used to take up 1.5 lines of my screen real
    estate (even with Google toolbar) now takes up 3 lines. Why does the
    immovable and unsizeable address bar have to take up almost a complete line
    by itself; how many users actually need all of this address space for URL's
    or even for queries? The immovable buttons (Refresh, Favorites, etc.) also
    cause a lot of unecessary mouse "busyness" by the user.

    Elsewhere in this forum there is a post from someone at Microsoft that
    claims that the inflexibility of the IE7 toolbars is by design to prohibit
    phishing. If this is true, then Microsoft needs to send some of its UI
    designers back to Human Factors 101 for remedial state-of-the-art training.

    Frankly, somebody needs to clue the Microsoft IE7 people in that User
    Interfaces (UIs) should be configurable to the user's taste and not that of
    some "mindless gnome in a windowless room" at Microsoft! If the effort was
    to emulate the latest features of Firefox or Flock web browsers, Microsoft
    failed once again in rushing IE7 to release!

    I'll be using my Flock and Firefox browsers until Microsoft corrects the
    junior-grade claptrap in IE7.
    Gladiator, Nov 3, 2006
  10. dave

    Xigam Guest

    I now use Firefox for 85% to 90% of my browsing now because of the toolbar
    config issue.

    I was a big IE fanboy until then. Microsoft's response of not listening to
    me is causing me to not listen to them.

    I use IE when I get a page that won't load right.. (Usually, it's on or
    Xigam, Nov 3, 2006
  11. dave

    Mudface Guest

    Reluctantly I'm going to have to finally ditch IE and go over to Firefox.
    This is just appalling, a huge step backwards. 'We heard you'? Christ, what
    did 'we' say- we want a Teletubbies browser with everything fixed in place?
    Absolute garbage.
    Mudface, Nov 3, 2006
  12. That's not true. You can't get rid of the command toolbar!

    Mouse ___( C-.
    Mouse ___( C-., Nov 4, 2006
  13. Thanks for the link!

    My response to their idea is that -- tabs aren't necessary! Some people may
    like them, but I personally liked them on my task bar, because my task bar
    can appear and disappear whenever I want it to -- the tabs can't!

    Mouse ___( C-., Nov 4, 2006
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