'Resend' and 'Newsgroup Message Management' Qs?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Susan, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Susan

    Susan Guest

    1. Can I 'Resend' an email? Rather then spending minutes on end
    reformatting a 'Sent' message to make it appear unsent or Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V'ing
    its content into a 'New' email is there another secret button/option to set
    that will allow one to (after editing or correcting whatever went wrong the
    first time) just 'Resend' it--like Thunderbird offers?

    2. In Newsgroup messages is there any way to delete message headers and
    bodies that one is not interested in so that only most recent messages and
    ones one is tracking show in the title pane? This feature Agent handles

    With Vista I was hoping I could stick with the generic IE and Windows Mail
    programs but I'm just not so sure now how long this can last.
    Susan, Nov 5, 2008
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  2. 1. No, there is no Resend feature.

    2. Simply select (highlight) the messages you don't want and press
    your Delete key.
    Gary VanderMolen, Nov 5, 2008
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  3. Susan

    Susan Guest

    Good grief! I tried highlighting and deleting just before posting this
    thread and it didn't work--but it does now. Thanks. I'm almost certainly
    going to switch back to Agent when the new version is released if not
    Susan, Nov 5, 2008
  4. The closest you can come to a resend would be using message templates. To
    make a template message in Windows Mail:

    1. Start a new message. Fill in as much as you want, TO, SUBJECT, body,

    2. Do a 'File|Save As' to an *.EML file. Save to the Desktop, or any other
    Windows folder. Create a short cut to the *.EML file if you like.

    3. To use the template, double click it from the Desktop, Windows Explorer,
    etc., or use the short cut, if you created one.

    4. Make any changes and send as normal. The template will remain as it was
    for future use.

    Message Templates

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    Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I], Nov 5, 2008
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