Resizing the C Drive boot partition in Vista x64

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Roman, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Roman

    Roman Guest

    Hi all. I wanted to extend the C: drive partition to give the boot partition
    more space. I read several articles suggesting that it was not possible to
    extend Vista's boot partition, only shrink it.

    Vista's Disk Management utility does allow it if you firstly delete the
    adjacent partition and add that unformated space to C Drive. The system
    appears to be functioning fine with the extra 30Gb.

    Did I misunderstand the articles, was I just lucky, or is this simply not
    documented yet?
    Roman, Jul 3, 2006
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  2. Roman

    Roman Guest

    Sorry for the double post but the board returned an error message - which
    appears others have received too. Seems the board is 'beta' too :)
    Roman, Jul 3, 2006
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  3. Roman

    Chad Harris Guest

    The double post is a bug that Mike Williams just explained on another thread
    that probably won't ever be fixed.
    Chad Harris, Jul 4, 2006
  4. Roman

    Chad Harris Guest

    Roman --

    Before this sent without hitting the send key, I explained this double multi
    post is a bug MSFT refuses to fix and is aware of. The reason is that most
    ot the people who run the communities, and certainly the ones who run the
    web based portions of these groups, are simply lazy and phone it in to pick
    up a paycheck--nothing more.

    They obviously don't give a damn because other than get the developer or
    technical person to set up the newsgroup on line, I couldn't imagine what
    the hell it is that they do or why they are needed.

    They've known about it for months and it recurs off and on for years and
    they haven't done a thing to make their web interface user friendly. It's
    slow and clunky and terrible to use and it has the bug you are seeing. I

    As Mike Williams in the thread "problems with this website" suggested on
    anther post, use OE or since this is a Vista thread, Windows Mail has the
    neat feature now that you simply open it up>click MSFT help groups>and they
    appear and search for Vista and use that.

    Here is a screenshots:

    You have two opportunities to resize or partition now in Vista Beta 2 and

    1) During Vista setup 2) Using diskmgmt.msc in the Vista run
    box--Diskmanagement in Vista. DM in Vista is now fault tolerant--meaning you
    won't lose information when you resize partitions with it (expand/shrink)
    Windows Vista Windows Vista Tips & Tricks: Resize Partitions

    However, you may have XP on one drive with free space and want to dual boot
    without losing your XP. In that case, you can use the free Partition Manager

    Well recommended by veterans on the net:
    Ranish Partition Manager

    Ranish Partition Manager is a powerful hard disk partitioning tool.
    It gives users high level of control for running multiple operating systems,
    such as Linux, Windows 98/XP, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD on a single disk.

    Partition Manager can create, copy, and resize primary and extended
    It includes command line interface and simulation mode that works with large
    so you can safely experiment before working on the real hard drive partition

    ---Requires a floppy
    ---Does not work with Phoenix Bios

    Good luck,

    Chad Harris, Jul 4, 2006
  5. Roman

    Roman Guest

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the prompt response mate. I've already replied once but got a
    different recurring error that looked like a redirection that wasn't working.
    I'm on the Vista PC now to see what happens.

    Sorry for raising the posting error again (and also to other readers), I
    didn't realize at the time that the problem has been raised in several posts
    already and I know how painful it is to see the same questions/comments
    coming up all the time.

    No worries on the partition information. I'm very happy with how Vista's
    Disk Manager handled the boot partition extention and I can't see myself
    needing any other partition manager in the future.

    The more I use Vista the more I like it.

    Roman, Jul 4, 2006
  6. Roman

    Chad Harris Guest

    NP the same posting problem that exists with the web interface of these
    groups can be solved by

    1) Using some NNTP newsreader.
    2) Steve Sinofsky's lieutenants putting their foot in the ass of the
    worthless community manager or managers for these groups who won't fix the
    post duplication problem for months until they are out the door and off the
    Redmond campus.

    If you are not squared away on partitioning or anything else in Vista post
    up. Have fun with your PC. Vista has a lot of features that many people
    haven't discovered yet if all the groups are any indication.

    Chad Harris, Jul 4, 2006
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