Response from HTC Tech Support about the WM 6.1 ActiveSync problem - Support Code 86000107

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage], May 16, 2009.

  1. Rather than post in all the threads where this has been discussed, I thought
    I would start a new thread. I received the following from HTC Tech Support
    and have their permission to post it here. I have not tried this myself.

    Thank you for your inquiry about the Sprint Mogul. I understand how
    frustrating it is that you cannot maintain a sync relationship between two
    computers. You have already found out how Microsoft resolved this issue
    within certain software builds of Windows Mobile 6.1. The software build of
    Windows Mobile that is required to bypass this problem is known as AKU
    version 1.2.6 or higher. With each new update or phone release, HTC uses the
    latest build of Windows Mobile from Microsoft. That is why it would require
    a ROM update to update your phone with the latest versions of Windows Mobile
    to avoid the sync error that you have received. I do not know of any plans
    from Sprint to order a ROM update for the Mogul, it is at their discretion
    to do so.

    Since I cannot advise you of any software fix, I was able to find one series
    of steps available online that appears to have worked for some people. I
    have not been able to replicate the problem or test these steps, so I cannot
    guarantee if these will work. These steps are not verified to work, although
    I have added comments to explain the risks and precautions that I would use
    in these steps. If this does work for you, then I would like to know if
    this has resolved the issue you have synchronizing to both computers. You
    must successfully back up the information on your phone to one of the PC's
    before doing these steps. Please read all steps before starting, as there is
    a risk of losing your personal data if this is not performed correctly.

    *Steps taken from others users on Internet forums

    1. Backup PIM (Contacts/Calendar) in both Desktop & Laptop. The PIM data is
    the Outlook PST file. This file contains your personal data from Outlook. On
    each PC go to Start > Control Panel (Classic View) > Mail > Data Files >
    Open Folder > Select and Copy the Outlook.pst file. Paste a copy in a new
    location, like your PC Desktop. Rename the file as 'OutlookBackup.pst' This
    will be your backup of your personal information, so make sure that you know
    where this file is located, and is kept safe.

    2. Delete all PIM entries (Contacts/Calendar) in both Desktop & Laptop.
    This means to remove all of your personal information in Outlook.

    3. UNTICK Contacts/Calendar Sync Option in Pocket PC. (this will clear all
    PIM data in your Pocket PC). On the phone, go to Start > Programs >
    ActiveSync > Menu > Options > Remove the options that are checked in this
    screen. This will remove all of your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, and sync
    Emails from your phone.

    4. Sync both Desktop and Laptop, ensuring that ActiveSync is achieved
    between Desktop & Laptop & Pocket PC WITH NO DATA. ActiveSync a few times
    with Desktop & Laptop WITH NO DATA. Remember, you have deleted your personal
    information from Outlook and the phone, so this only establishes a sync
    partnership with blank information fields.

    5. Import all PIM entries into Desktop. In Outlook, go to File > Import and
    Export > Import from another program or file > Personal Folder File (.pst) >
    browse to find 'OutlookBackup.pst' from the Desktop > Select Personal
    Folders, check "Include Subfolders" and "Import items into the same folder
    in: Personal Folders"

    6. Sync Desktop to Pocket PC. Make sure that you selected the options to
    sync your personal information again. Use the PC sync software to make sure
    the options for Contacts and Calendar, etc, are selected for the sync.

    7. Sync Pocket PC to Laptop.

    8. Sync Pocket PC to Desktop.

    9. Import all PIM entries into Laptop In Outlook, go to File > Import and
    Export > Import from another program or file > Personal Folder File (.pst) >
    browse to find 'OutlookBackup.pst' from the Desktop > Select Personal
    Folders, check "Include Subfolders" and "Import items into the same folder
    in: Personal Folders"

    10. Sync Pocket PC to Laptop

    11. Sync Pocket PC to Desktop

    12. Sync Pocket PC to Laptop

    If you end up with duplicate data due to the import process, then I
    recommend deleting the duplicates on one PC, then synchronizing the phone to
    automatically remove the duplicates from the phone and other PC.

    I hope we have answered your question in detail. Feel free to contact us
    again if you have any further questions.

    HTC Technical Support


    ~ Kathleen Anderson
    Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
    Spider Web Woman Designs
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    Please reply to the newsgroup for the benefit of others
    Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage], May 16, 2009
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