RESTORE BKF file not working

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Hugo, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hugo

    Hugo Guest


    My sbs 2003 main disk is dead!

    I've on2 backup with 2 days old and another with one week old, the problem
    is that ntbackup can't read and restore any of them, when i try to restore
    it displays the following error:

    "the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used"

    Tried with 3rd party software and i can see everything in the bkf file ..

    Need Help,


    Hugo, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. Hugo

    Russ Grover Guest

    Sorry this is not good news.

    Has Reinstalling SBS and doing a restore helped reading the backup?
    If not.

    Here is some documentation that might help

    After reading that, If the main Disk wasn't RAID 1 or some other form of
    And the backups aren't working there's not much you can do

    You can send your Hard drive to have it recovered.$100-$1,500

    You can send your backup to some recovery group and have them try to save
    There's third party software that is around $150.00 that can attempt to fix
    the .bkp
    Never used it so I can't verify it's success

    Other than Full Disk Recovery,
    or Recovery of the Backup file ????
    This is odd since SBS2003 Backups work! (I've restored them before from the
    wizard backup)
    The Daily Reports Said the backup was ok?

    And if you were using TAPE, was the media old?
    (This is why I like Two USB External Drives, They don't get into a "Unknown

    It's too bad your drives weren't at least RAID1
    Maybe next time a good RAID implimentation for your server
    IMO RAID 1 is Minimum and Prefer RAID 5
    Especially if you have important information.

    I know they are selling Server solutions without RAID and IMO that's a bunch
    of BS
    A Server solution should always contain a RAID Configuration

    Also Make sure you have plenty of backups to rely on. (not just or 2) this
    way you are only a day or two off not totaly toast.

    I don't know what else to say? Anyone else have any suggestions?



    Russ Grover
    SBS2003 Remote Support
    Portland/Beaverton OR
    Email: Sales at SBITS.Biz
    Website: http://www.SBITS.Biz
    Russ Grover, Mar 8, 2006
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  3. Hugo

    Hugo Guest

    Thanks for the reply.

    I tried reinstall the server and tried to make a restore with the fresh
    installation, and the system says the same message ...

    I also tried the 3rd party software you told, it can read the bkf file and
    can extract all the files without any, problem, i tried to replace all the
    files in the new installations with the ones extracted but ther server did
    not start ...

    Aparently my backups are ok the problem should be in the restore process
    wich i can't get to work ...

    The media where i have the backup is an internal SATA disc, i'm not using
    raid ...

    Any ideas or sugestions?

    (i also find another person with this same problem and he also could not
    recover the backup ...)

    Don't know what to do anymore!.


    Hugo, Mar 8, 2006
  4. Hi Hugo

    How did you restore your main disk to prepare for the Ntbackup restore? Was
    the Backup a Total Backup from SBS Wizard? Was the backup made from same SP
    level as the restored OS from CD1? Before spending large sums or exposing
    tapes to further damage you may want to call MS PSS for help if the answers
    to my questions don't lead quickly to a solution.
    Frank McCallister SBS MVP, Mar 8, 2006
  5. Hugo

    Hugo Guest

    Hi Frank, thanks for the reply.

    My backup is in a Hard drive, not a Tape.

    I bought a new hard driver and installed a fresh copy of sbs.

    After installing i tried to recover using the ntbackup and there's where the
    error appear ...

    Them i installed sbs sp1 in the new sbs installation tried to recover and
    the same error apears...

    Sorry but what is MS PSS wich i can call to?


    Hugo, Mar 8, 2006
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