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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by grik, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. grik

    nnurse52 Guest

    I wrote earlier this month about this problem, and didn't get any real help,
    except for the gentleman that told me that back ups need to be done on the D
    disk. Actually Gateway resolved the issue for me. One side is the restore
    partition and is "guarded", there is additional operational information and
    then through no fault of mine, some extra info was on there. Gateway has a
    whole tutorial how to resolve the full D disk. It's always the same file
    that needs to be deleted, for example JohnSmith-pc, I found that with my name
    on it, deleted, finished the nec steps, restarted my computer and my D disk
    was less than half full, turned back to a blue strip indicating how full it
    was instead of the red one that indicated it was full. Now I can do back
    ups, without getting the message "not enough room to create Shadow copy",
    I'm not getting the message to delete unnecessary files and folders to make
    more room on D Disk and all around I have better performance and even the
    BSODs seem to have been resolved. I hope that I have accurately described
    this remedy, I don't know if only Gateway has this tutorial or not. I felt
    like I was yelled at by a tech last time I posted on here and I'm probably
    posting in the incorrect area. I hope this helps someone as I keep seeing
    this issue being brought up over and over with the same type of responses I
    nnurse52, Apr 20, 2008
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