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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by bushi1, May 12, 2010.

  1. bushi1

    bushi1 Guest

    Hi there
    Im new in your forum and also in Vista World!

    I got a Hp laptop AMD Turion x2 64 2.00 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, 250 GB HDD!
    Im having a problem, since my laptop is new, i couldn't install other O
    except Vista (or i could manage it with some serious changes on th
    system, which i didn't accept to do)

    So, since I'm new in Vista i don't know much about that! Im having
    issue with this laptop a kind of System Restore every time I restart m
    In case that I don't know that the SR is, let me explain my problem

    For example: My default folder view is showed only by NAME (like, HDD
    DVD-RW etc). So, i arrange icons by columns (like: name, total size
    free size etc etc). I do that for my desire. When i shut down th
    computer, and start it after a while, it goes back to the VISTA DESIRE
    showing again on the folders only NAME, nothing else, like total size
    free size...

    So I have to do again the same thing like putting a tick to all thos
    columns to show up!
    Another thing is for example, when i make some changes on a program
    like WINAMP (something like, hide Album ART, hide MEDIA PLAYLIST, us
    GLOBAL HOTKEYS etc) and play some music in that everything goes OK. A
    soon as I restart the program, Winamp, or the entire PC, it keep
    showing again the same things, liek i didn't disable those thin
    Everything goes like the original start up of the program. No matter i
    i do those changes or not!
    I just took the WINAMP example, cuz its happening with all the programs
    like WMP, VLC, MSN, MOZILLA, Google Chrome, IE8 etc etc!

    Or, if I want to change a thing like "START THE PROGRAM when the WINDOW
    START'S" it gives the the pop-up that system changing things and then
    go there and click if i wan't to deny or allow that program to star
    when the windows starts! So i click deny!
    When i restart the PC, its still there no matter that i selecte
    Nothing happens!

    Every single change that i made for my own desire, after i restart th
    program or the PC, it goes back like i didn't disable those things tha
    i don'T want!
    And its annoying to do those changes every time I go on the PC

    So, this has to do with System Restore of VISTA or NOT!
    Can I change anything to stop this restore thing that keeps showin
    every time I restart my LAPTOP!

    bushi1, May 12, 2010
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  2. bushi1

    FDLeyda Guest

    Since the Laptop is new what OS did it come with ?
    FDLeyda, May 12, 2010
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  3. bushi1

    bushi1 Guest

    Thnx for replaying but i have to add to my previous post that im no
    some kind of geek 4 computers

    I bought it from a Company in Serbia that has a licence to sell H
    notebooks in Serbia
    When i got it, they didn't tell me that it doesn't have any O
    installed. (and i forgot to ask!)

    All i could see when i started the notebook for the first time was th
    black screen (and a text something like NO OS INSTALLED)

    So i tried WIN XP, it didn't accept!
    I send my laptop to a service company here in Kosovo, they told me tha
    I CAN'T instal WIN XP in this kind of Laptops cuz they are designed fo

    So I had to accept to install VISTA even i didn't know a thing abou

    So, if you could imagine what i said, a Laptop with 250 HDD and withou
    OS installed! How do they call it: BOOT or something like that cuz i
    not sure!
    I hope that i answered your question's and hope that this will help yo
    out to give me some info's about that changing option's thing every tim
    i restart my laptop that i told before!

    bushi1, May 13, 2010
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