Restoring Vista boot manager after grub?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Ajchampagne, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Ajchampagne

    Ajchampagne Guest

    Hello and thank you if you have anything to offer on this problem. I
    installed Windows Vista Ulatime on hard-drive -1 followed by installing
    Linux on hard-drive-2. When I installed Linux, the bootsector was made
    to use the opensource boot loader named GRUB. The problem is, I want to
    uninstall Linux which will remove grub and leave me with no boot manager
    at all. Is there anyway from Vista to instruct the boot manager to
    over-ride what ever has replaced it?

    Right now:
    -I've reinstalled linux so that I can at least get into vista,
    otherwise I have no boot manager
    -I need to delete linux and tell my boot sector to use the vista boot
    manager and not the missing grub one

    Any and all help here would be much appreciated!
    Ajchampagne, Mar 19, 2007
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  2. Ajchampagne

    Carlos Guest

    Donwload VistaBootPro ( and install it in Vista.
    Run it and choose to "restore Vista boot loader".
    Carlos, Mar 19, 2007
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  3. Ajchampagne

    Bill Wood Guest

    Here is the real issue, GRUB does not play nice with Vista, and not the other
    way around. And let me assure you, this is not because I'm a Vista fan...

    I installed SUSE 10.2 on a USB drive, and it wrote a new


    file to my NON - USB drive where Vista was installed.

    When I tried to RESTORE Vista's boot process, I found out that the Linux
    bootmgr file was set with INCOMPATIBLE ATTRIBUTES so that you could overwrite
    the file with the Vista version without resetting the attributes first. So
    LOTS of people have been totally re-formatting and / or re-installing Linux
    or Vista from scratch...

    This is an intentionally incompatible boot process that is DESIGNED by Linux
    to be incompatible, AND to be as much of a pain as possible to restore the
    Vista drive as you can imagine.

    After going through the various articles to fix the Vista boot partition,
    there is ONE MORE thing you must do to get it to work...

    Boot with your Vista install disk, go into Repair mode, and go to the
    Command prompt.

    Change to the root hard drive (usually c:)

    Then, type

    attrib -a -s -h -r bootmgr

    That REMOVES the archive, system, hidden, and read only attributes from the
    bootmgr file.

    NOW copy the bootmgr file from your Vista install disk (various versions
    have it in various locations).

    You'll get a message to overwrite it, accept the overwrite. Once the VISTA
    version of the bootmgr is restored, then reboot. You should get Vista
    started again...
    Bill Wood, Mar 19, 2007
  4. Ajchampagne

    Don Guest

    I'm a Vista fan too (and no one is more surprised than I am ;o)
    That's why I'm here trying to help people fix problems.


    I don't think your scenario above is quite right. Grub and every
    version of DOS or Windows I've ever used (including Vista) write a new
    master boot record to the boot drive, so neither camp 'plays nice' with
    the other. I deliberately re-installed grub after installing Vista
    because I multi-boot with several non-Windows systems on one machine
    and grub is better suited to that task.

    After I reinstalled grub, I added two short lines to my grub.conf file
    and I could boot Vista perfectly again (and XP/Win2k also, of course.)

    I've been just as frustrated as you are by *both* sides more times than
    I can count -- which is why I say we are *all* still in the stone-age of
    software -- and wondering if I'll live long enough to see the bronze
    Don, Mar 20, 2007
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