retail Home Premium 32-bit to Ultimate 32-bit to Ultimate 64-bit.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by New to Vista, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. New to Vista

    New to Vista Guest

    Got a older computer, has windows vista on it (32bit)

    Vista is a retail Home Premium copy, that was installed, activated, and used
    since nearly a week after it was available, about 3 months down the road is
    was upgraded over the internet via MS's upgrade system to Ultimate.

    Now heres the dilema...

    This machine is getting the boot, being stripped down and parted out.... a
    New machine is ready to roll, so basically everything is going to be GONE. A
    fresh install of windows is needed..

    the Question arises, being retail, i don't think switching to a new machine
    is going to be a problem at all, BUT

    Should i be able to install windows Vista Ultimate STRAIGHT AWAY onto the
    machine, or does the upgrade process have to be done (and how so?)... also,
    being 32bit version, and then upgraded to ultimate (retail).... i'm not sure,
    but would installing 64bit version of ultimate cause any greif? Is it
    possible? (as we've got a 64bit DVD here already....)

    anyone got any ideas?
    New to Vista, Oct 8, 2007
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  2. New to Vista

    Rick Rogers Guest


    You are correct in that you can transfer to the new hardware. You will
    likely need to phone in the activation this time as the key will be reported
    as being in use, but this is a valid transfer. If I understand the anytime
    upgrade process correctly, you will need to reinstall the Vista HP first,
    then do the anytime upgrade process (which you should be able to access via
    digital locker, check this first).

    Also, your license for Vista allows for the installation of either 32 or 64
    bit, so should you want to try the latter this time around it is also valid
    for this.
    Rick Rogers, Oct 8, 2007
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  3. New to Vista

    John Barnes Guest

    You don't say whether you have an upgrade version or full version of retail.
    Both can be moved, but you will either need to install XP, or do the double
    install process to get it to install. As always drivers can be a problem.
    If you can't get the drivers for XP, then do the double install as you are
    the owner of a valid XP license and are only going to be using one copy of
    Vista. As to 64-bit, make sure that you can get 64-bit SIGNED drivers for
    all of the equipment that you plan to use, or be prepared to replace it.
    The same goes for all of your software.
    John Barnes, Oct 8, 2007
  4. New to Vista

    New to Vista Guest

    The FULL Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit) is a full Retail Package..

    It was instaleld and used fora short period of time

    It was then later, using the upgrade anytime over the net, upgraded to
    Ultimate (32bit)... and has been used every since.

    So no XP install was "upgraded from"

    It's simply that i wish to now completely part everything out and then build
    a new machine, and install the 64bit Flavors of Windows vista.

    So all i would need to do is Using the 64bit version of windows vista DVD
    i've got here....

    Install Windows Vista (Which version would i need? Home Premium 64bit? )
    Then when it's done installing, using the anytime upgrade over the internet,
    and i should without ANY charge at all considering that this was already paid
    for previously, Upgrade straight away to 64bit version of ultimate..


    being that i've already "technically paid" for Ultimate, Would the cd Key
    work for Windows Vista Ultimate right at the start of the installation? (i'd
    prefer to do a full install rather then a partial and then upgrade.... just
    make more sense and takes less time)....

    I also plan on installing Windows XP Pro 32bit SP2... Because there are a
    few older programs or other devices that still don't have windows vista
    support.... It would be only for a "capability" reasons, and vista would
    remain the primary OS....

    I would NEED to install XP Pro FIRST... and then install Vista correct?
    New to Vista, Oct 8, 2007
  5. New to Vista

    John Barnes Guest

    Refer to what Rick said. I know that you must install the Home Premium
    64-bit, but I have no idea if the upgrade you have access to will upgrade
    that version or if you have to request a 64-bit upgrade version to get back
    to Ultimate 64. Hopefully Rick know whether your anytime upgrade is bit
    John Barnes, Oct 8, 2007
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