Retaining folder shares when failing over LUNs

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Guest, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Having trouble since installing SP1 for WinSvr2003...

    We have 2 identical HP EVA5000 SANs syncing the file data between them.
    2 identical file servers at each end, with the same configuration.
    the idea is, one site blows up, the LUNs failover to the DR site and
    everything comes up nice.

    It did work that way. However, after installing SP1, when failing over the
    LUNs, the folder shares on the DR server are no longer there. They need to
    be recreated afer the LUNs are brought online on that server.

    Any ideas what causes this?
    Perhaps it's a change in SP1, or maybe a reg edit somebody did a while ago
    that was written over when SP1 was installed.

    Many thanks...
    Guest, Jul 20, 2006
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  2. Call HP next time BEFORE you service pack or apply to your test cluster
    first. Right now, either take off SP1 right away or call HP and ask what
    drivers you need to update for your cluster to work again.


    Rodney R. Fournier

    MVP - Windows Server - Clustering - Clustering Website - Blog - Cluster Training is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner
    Rodney R. Fournier [MVP], Jul 21, 2006
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